How Clash Between Christians,Traditional Worshippers  Renders 15-yr Old Girl Homeless


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Residents of Almaroof Bus Stop Area of Agbado, Ogun State were thrown into confusion last week, following a clash between traditional worshippers and members of  a white garment church.

It was learnt that during the clash, some members of the church sustained various degrees of burns when the church was allegedly set ablaze during a night vigil by the traditional worshippers.

Sources said the night vigil of the white garment church coincided with routine rituals of these traditional worshippers, hence, one has to stop its worshiping for the other.

The crisis erupted when no one was ready to stop their worshipping for the other, hence, it was gathered that the traditional worshippers through diabolical means, set the church ablaze.

It was gathered that one of those that got burnt during the fisticuffs was a woman, said to be a middle aged nursing mother, who is currently in  intensive care at a private hospital, while leaving a 15 years old girl, identified as  Abisoye Oyinkansola Adekoya said to be living in the church, homeless.

The 15 years old girl identified as Abisoye  relocated to the church some years ago, after losing her parents.

It was learnt that after the death of her parents, Abisoye  was left with no other option than to be  squatting in the church, since there was nowhere else for her to live.

Abisoye according to a reliable source, will be 16 years in December 2022. 

Symphatizers in the area where the burnt small church was located are now appealing to spirited individuals to come and rescue of Abisoye by relocating her to a secured place before she becomes victim of untold agony and security threats.


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