Hospitality Business In Nigeria  Needs High Standards   – Evan Ogunkeyede


*Lauds Palazzo Resort Hotel

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

The team lead of destination management firm, UfitFly, Evang. Ajibola Ogunkeyede has advocated maintaining  of high standards in hospitality business in the country.

Evangelist Ogunkeyede made the call last weekend, while speaking at the opening ceremony of the newly built hospitality home, Palazzo Resort Hotel in Ibadan

He stressed that the country’s hospitality industry has witnessed growing popularity and attention trends over recent years, according to the United Nations, which has in turn exposed it to various challenges.

” The hospitality industry, which consists of hotels, has witnessed growing popularity and attention trends over recent years according to the United Nations, the World Tourism Organization. However, this growing trend has increased the level of competition in the hospitality industry in Nigeria”, he said.

Evang Ogunkeyede added, “Despite this service quality increase, outstanding attributes distinguish the excellent hotels from the mediocre ones”. 

” In a hotel where these qualities are sufficiently present, travelers from far and wide won’t mind visiting the hotel either for a vacation tour, dinner party, or a private meeting where they look forward to enjoying such a hotel’s rich qualities”.

He appreciated the initiative of Alh. Musbadeen Abiodun Adewuyi the CEO of Palazzo Resort for setting a new standard for luxury and sophistication in hotel business in Ibadan.

Speaking, the Chairman of the Palazzo Resort Hotel, Alh. Abiodun Adewuyi, emphasized the importance of distinctive features that characterize his hotel which included Top Quality Customer Service, Comfortable Well Equipped Rooms and Clean and Tidy Environment.

“We have employees that are mostly trained with ethical and renowned world-class standards to serve guests innovatively and consciously with customer satisfaction as their priority”,he said.

Alhaji Adewuyi added,”Our standard hotel rooms contain a very comfortable and beautifully decorated bed with soft pillows to allow maximum comfort during sleep.A good hotel remarkably values the health of its guests and won’t therefore tolerate a dirty and untidy environment which can lead to guests’ health deterioration”.. 

” We have here a neatly decorated environment marked with eye-captivating decorations that’ll catch guests’ attention and keep them engaged with the awesome physicals.”.

Popular Fuji star, Taye Akande Adebisi Currency was on the band stand to entertained top society dignitaries that graced the event which included the Babalojas, Iyalojas and the Chairman of Ibadan South/West Local Government, Hon Kehinde Adeyemi Akanni.


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