Hike in food stuff prices in Kaduna


Hike in food stuff prices in Kaduna
By; Victor Dazang, Kaduna.
Traders and consumers in Kaduna are lamenting the unceasing rise in prices of foodstuff. This was discovered yesterday during market prices and consumers’ reaction survey.
New Nigerian gathered that the unceasing rise in prices of foodstuff is becoming more uncontrollable owing to the continued fall of the value of Naira against the US Dollar.
During series of inquiries, it was discovered that Semolina products have increased in prices with about N100 per bag. Similar products which are produced by different companies are not exception and have similar margin of amount.
Rice, oil and order locally produced food items have their prices also on the rise.
Retailers complaint of inadequate fund to cope with buying from wholesalers in current prices. In similar inquiries, Mr Abayomi Adegun, a marketing agent with KINGS OIL attributed everything to the “unceasing crash” of the Naira.


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