Hamisu @ 48: I See Another Man, A Leader Par Excellence



It would have been the normal celebration of calling for chilled champagne, pumping out the wines in celebrating successes and achievements of this man who turned 48 kicking and basking in the splendor of God’s glory.
Hamisu Idris Medugu clocked 48 years old experiencing life in its full measure. A man who is being seen in another realm, a carrier of future assured and destiny upholder of many people in Adamawa State.
It’s for this Sir, today you are most celebrated, extolled, and prayed for that God has made you are a leader par excellence. A man of unique intelligence, a serving leader is all I see. You are cooked, thoroughly bred for the service of humanity.
What I have is a dosage with the message of rekindled hope.  I discovered in the life of this young man a call to service, it’s about time Adamawa elites, the noble and the common, a called to those with blue blood to see in Hamisu virtues of pathfinding the people of Adamawa Northern Senatorial zone to greener pastures.
On his 48th birthday anniversary, I’m seeing another man, in him, it’s a rediscovery of another life, a good life he borne for humanity’s sake. I see him as God sent, who will be used to shake the tables, to turn the tables against those with fake love for humanity, and again arrange the tables for the common good of Adamawa people.
Idris is well positioned to set out new tabloids of development,  pregnant with good innovation and will give birth to poverty alleviation, empowerment and all round development as beautiful babies. 
This good man is desperate to overturn evil and replace it with a better life in the interest of Nigeria.
I see a glimpse of hope, not only a hope but a better tomorrow, a tomorrow full of certainty to serve the masses with all humility, with  full understanding of why you are chosen to serve them to see the difference from all angles.

On this special day of yours sir, may I now on behalf of TG NEWS, felicitate with you on the unique occasion of your birthday. Today I can genuinely declare that you are called unto good works. The probity that is making your unquenchable star shining in full glory.
Your good heart desires better welfare packages for the youth across the demographic variables. Your youth-friendly policies and packages as a business tycoon, a veteran in monetary matters, financial consultant with numerous recognition and accolades both from home (Nigeria) and abroad (the United States where you were made) has convinced us of your good heart desires for better generational swift. 
You are a good man sir, and a calm, gentle God-fearing Ambassador. You will live long to see more youth deeply involved in the socio-economic development of Nigeria. 
You will live long to see your great-grandchildren and you will live long to remain a happy man. May all your dreams and good heart desires be achieved. 
The General News (TGNEWS), hereby appreciates you, celebrates you, and wishes you longevity, success, and prosperity. 
May God Almighty continue to guide you and bless all your endeavors. 

Tom Garba sent in this piece on behalf of TG News


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