Hajj 2016: Saudi authority takes strigent measures on Jamrat …To arrest, prosecute violators


Authority of Saudi Arabia Monday talks tough on stringent measures put in place for stone throw at symbolical Satan at Jamrat to avert reoccurrence of stampede.
Speaking at a meeting with officials of Nigeria and other African countries in Mina Monday, the Saudi Arabia Hajj Ministry representative, Sheikh Mohammed, warned that no excuses will be entertained from anybody or country that violate the arrangement.
Sheikh Mohammed warned that anybody who violates the new arrangements of stone throwing timing will be arrested and prosecuted.
Sheikh Mohammed who spoke in Arabic and translated by National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) official, Dr. Tanko Aliyu said every country will be given time to go and perform the stone throwing.
According to him, “the pilgrims will be grouped in batches of 250. They will be attached with two guides, a Muassassa and from the State Pilgrims Board.
“There will be documentation of the pilgrims before leaving for the stone throw and there will be follow up to any guide who left with pilgrims and did not return with the pilgrims.
“The pilgrims will be grouped and are not allowed to decide the group they want to belong.
“There will be no excusing anybody irrespective of whether you are an official, muassassa or pilgrims if found violating the arrangement,” he said.
He called on the pilgrims to adhere strictly to the arrangement or timing just as it adhere to timing of Salat and schedule of flights.
It would however be recalled that last year at Mina, there was a stampede which led to the death of over 2000 pilgrims hence the need for the Saudi Arabia authority to put the stringent measures in place to avert and checkmate another reoccurrence of stampede at the Jamrat.


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