Group Demands  State Of Emergency In Zamfara Over Deteriorating Security 


A group,  Democracy Watch Initiative (DWI) has called for a state of emergency in Zamfara  State, following what it described as riding insecurity.
The group expressed this at a press briefing in Kaduna yesterday, which text was read by its spokesman, 

Sanusi Mohammed.”To call the attention of the Federal Government to the reality that only the declaration of a state of emergency can assure the people of Zamfara that they have not been abandoned at the mercy of a rampaging banditry and kidnappings by a state government that has resigned itself to live with rapists and murderers.
“To emphatically state that only the declaration of a state of emergency can free the people from the stranglehold of the bandits and criminals  who have understood that weak political will and total incapacity on the part of the current administration have weakened the resolve to fight them,” the group said.
According to the Democracy Watch Initiative (DWI) which led  27  other non governmental organizations with shared interest in good governance across the Northern region, said it has observed an alarming deterioration of the security situation in Zamfara State in the last two months.
“The DWI and its allies regret to note that in spite of the previous government’s efforts to curtail insecurity in Zamfara, the situation in the state has been steadily deteriorating with the state capital, Gusau, already on the verge of being completely overrun by bandits.
“We note that since June this year the audacious regularity of acts of violence perpetrated by the bandits and kidnappers who operate freely and at will have deteriorated with horrifying instances of women and children being raped, communities displaced, people kidnapped for ransom, citizens denied access to farmlands and many others, brutalized, traumatized and killed on a daily basis.Killers and other criminals appear to have sensed a paralysing vacuum at the highest levels of leadership in the State, hunger continues stalking millions of homes,” the group said.According

 to them, inflation is making life difficult by the day as people are losing sources of livelihood.

“Even the State House of Assembly has expressed worries over the development, lamenting that it appears there is no government in the state owing to the disdainful way the bandits are having a field day in their killing spree.
“Over 400 villages and communities are estimated as being controlled by the rampaging bandits in the state with the terrorists forming their own government in these areas and deciding what happens and what should be done. 
“Without doubt, Zamfara State has become a colony of banditry in the whole country with the rate of merciless killings, kidnappings, and rape becoming very uncontrollable.
“Records have clearly indicated that there are thousands of widows and orphans roaming the streets aimlessly due to banditry that killed their husbands and fathers, thereby increasing the volume of Almajeris,” they alleged.
The group said that by some specifics, in addition to the daily unrecorded incidences of attacks, four Policemen were killed  in an attack in Bungudu Local Government Area  on July 10, seven soldiers were reportedly killed as bandits attacked Kangon Garacce,  in Dangulbi Community of Maru Local Government Area.
“Almost around the same time, bandits attacked communities in Maradun Local Government Area where they killed many locals and abducted no fewer than 30 girls.
“This was as 31 villagers were killed by bandits in Janbako and Sakida villages, Maradun Local Government Area the following weekend. And just last Thursday, armed Bandits abducted twenty five persons in Boko village in Zurmi local government area including twenty four women and one male adult. 
“The women were abducted in their homes when the armed bandits invaded the Community.We note also that several thousands of fellow Zamfara citizens are internally displaced and hundreds of thousands of orphans, hunger and malnourishment, previously unknown, are now becoming alarming features of existence.
‘Villages are being emptied as hundreds of people, due to constant attacks, are relocating to the already congested urban areas of the state and deepening poverty. Just on Monday morning, the bandits freely  moved through farms to attack a police station in Bungudu, killing a policeman just as they simultaneously attacked Kwatar village killing scores as reported by many media outlets.
“A few weeks earlier, some policemen were killed close to Bungudu  and  a few days later, some innocent citizens were reportedly killed at Boko village in Zurmi local government, the same situation in Mada, Wonaka, Ruwan Bore.Also in Bukkuyum and Anka, the wave of insecurity is blowing all over the state and the PDP-led government under Dauda Lawal is doing nothing but lamentation which is a sign of failure on the side of the government,” the group said.
According to them, in the light of the above observations and inferences the Democracy Watch Initiative and the 27 associate groups hereby arrived at the following resolutions:
*To condemn the way and manner the Governor Dauda Lawal-led administration is handling security issues in the state  allowing killing of innocent citizens to become rampant with violent terrorists now in the state capital, Gusau.
“To call for the immediate proclamation of a state of emergency in Zamfara State because the people have shed enough tears and blood in the last two months without an appropriate response from a state government that appears to be helpless in the face of this mounting security crisis.
“To declare that by his show of insensitivity  and indifference to the plight of the people that trusted him to lead them, Governor Lawal Dare has inadvertently acquired the reputation of being the worst in the history of Zamfara State in terms of any capacity to generate confidence in achieving credible  goals.
“To remind Governor Dauda Lawal Dare that the people of Zamfara will at the fullness of time, tally up the days he spends outside the country or in Abuja, or how many months they went without salaries and pensions, and how many young people graduated into crimes and drugs during his tenure.”
They therefore, urged the federal government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the security forces to fight the escalating security challenges in Zamfara State with resolve and awareness of their obligations under the law, as well as the knowledge that victory will only be pronounced when the nation achieves full cessation of hostilities, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration in Zamfara and the entire Northern region.
“With security, Zamfara can feed itself and feed the rest of Nigeria. 
“But when cost of inputs become prohibitive, threats to lives limit productive capacities, herds are stolen or limited by weak government responses and damaging political interests, the economy of this otherwise productive segment of the country suffers,” they observed.


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