Group berates Buhari on economy



A foremost promoter of good governance group in Nigeria, the Forum for Good Governance and Probity (FGGP) has condemned the manner in which the economy of the nation is being handled.
This was contained in a statement made available to the Press by the General Secretary of the forum, Adewale Onayemi.
The United Kingdom based group asked President Muhammadu Buhari to look for ways to better the lots of Nigerians who are currently wallowing in poverty due to the dwindling economic situation.
Onayemi described the present situation in Nigeria as disappointing due to the high hopes of Nigerians on the present administration that is being dashed.
“President Buhari should do better, the recession is biting harder and masses are suffering.
“It seems the economic team of the present administration is not doing enough to curtail the mess, the number of jobs lost owing to prevalent economic situation may not be regained in decades.
“The mass exodus of foreign investors put heavy pressure on demand for foreign exchange; this is partly responsible for the high cost of dollars.
“The assertions of President Buhari on the state of the economy in Nigeria when he assumed power was also part of this problem,”it said.
The group that actively supported the emergence of President Buhari still believes that the leader and his party can do the work if the right people are put into places to get things done on time.
“President Buhari and his party, All Progressives Congress (APC) can do it provided they can deviate from partisanship in the appointment and get the right people on board,” Onayemi noted.


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