Grazing Reserves Prog Exacerbates Insecurity In Southern Kaduna – SOKAD


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna.
Southern Kaduna in Diaspora, SOKAD, USA, has noted the ill-advised Grazing Reserves programs proposed by the Governor, Nasir Ahmad El-rufai have further exacerbated the insecurity in Southern Kaduna.
The group observed that the actions by the governor’s payments to the attackers and attempting to use the machinery of state power to the benefit of a small minority, many of whom are non-Nigerians have been deliberately developed to achieve a desired outcome.
A press statement issued by the President, Secretary General and Financial Secretary, Mr. Aminu Likita, Mr. Freeman Kamuru and Mr. Ibrahim A. Maikori respectively noted that on this basis, “We can conclude that the governor has little or no regard for the people of the area.
“The lack of goodwill towards the people of Southern Kaduna is further demonstrated by his response to the ideas offered by many well-meaning Nigerians, including the Senator representing the area, Senator Laah, aimed at finding real solutions to this grave problem.
“To oppose the suggestion that affected communities should find ways of defending themselves is difficult to understand. We expect that the Governor should be the loudest voice calling on affected communities to defend themselves. In fact, he should take the lead by arming them for self-defense.
“Such a policy of arming the victims would align more with his claim that he wants peace in the area. We will achieve peace faster by arming the victims rather than paying the perpetrators.”
They lamented reports that the state was tracking and documenting names of people who support self defense by the communities. “If they are true, it suggests that the governor has allowed religious zealotry to obscure the progressive idea that he has embraced only in theory and not in practice.
“The people of Southern Kaduna have suffered enough. Granted, the current atrocities predate the governor, but he has catalyzed and fueled the genocide directly and indirectly.
“These atrocities rise to the level of crimes against humanity. It is time to begin to explore how to press charges accordingly.
“The detailed report released this week by the Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan has carefully documented the specifics of the carnage in the area and should be a useful document in the effort to get justice for those deemed unworthy by their government.
“In the interim, yes, affected communities should and must defend themselves against this state-sponsored barbarism for their own survival and self-preservation.
“Attempts to justify the genocide on events following the 2011 are false and disingenuous at best. Communities in Southern Kaduna have been visited with this brutality since 2010. The attacks began an attempts to forcefully occupy land in the area by settlers who have decided to bite the fingers that fed them.”



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