Gov Bello  Inaugurates Reconstructed Key Projects In Kogi


By; ADAMA JOHN, Lokoka

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has inaugurated a school and clinic, reconstructed and equipped by his wife, Amina Oyiza Bello, for the Eika-Ohizenyi Community.

Financed by the governor’s wife through her pet project, Hayat Foundation, Bello while inaugurating the projects urged other concerned indigenes to contribute their quota to the development of their communities.

The two projects were unveiled to celebrate the 16th birthday of the Governor’s first son, Hayatula Bello, in whose name the Hayat Foundation was marked.

While inaugurating the projects – Eika-Ohizenyi Community Clinic and Al-Dabiya Primary and Secondary School, also in the community, the governor particularly lauded the vision of the founding fathers of the school initially conceived and operated as an Islamic school but later expanded to accommodate Islamic and Western education.

In appreciation of the efforts of his wife to change the fortunes of her people through the initiatives, the governor declared free education for pupils of the school as well as secondment of teachers to strengthen the manpower need of the school.

He also revealed that the administration would ensure the construction of the access road to the school in addition to the provision of a bus to facilitate academic activities in the school.

On her part, the wife of the governor and founder of the Hayat Foundation, Amina Bello, said the projects signified a special homecoming for her, noting that the clinic would run three days of free medicare for residents of the community.

Thrilled by the excitement of her people as a result of the projects, she narrated how she had always been inspired to make a difference in the lives of the people through selfless services and support.

She commended her husband, Bello for providing whole-hearted support for the success of the projects, noting that he had been there for her and Hayat Foundation in all its undertakings.

Amina Bello called on the youth to make themselves available in the service of society, urging them to contribute their time and skills through community volunteering with a view to adding positive values to their environment.


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