Gov Bala Absolves Self From Plans To Destabilize NIgeria



Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi has absolved himself from the alleged involvement along with some Northern governors supposedly trying to cause trouble in the country.

He was defending himself against security agencies report of uncovering plans by two serving governors from the North East and North West to unsettle the North ahead of the 2023 general elections.

The report further alleged that prominent governors in the two geo-political zones have started recruiting different organizations, religious bodies and youth from both northern and southern parts of the country to actualize their self-aggrandized mission.

The Governor said however Thursday in Bauchi shortly after receiving the report of a panel of inquiry on land use and farmer/herder clashes, that he was disturbed to read on pages of national dailies that some governors in the North were trying to cause disorder in the country.

“Let me use this medium to clear the issue of some governors and, of course, I have seen some insinuations that a North East governor, may be referring to me or some kind of insinuation that I’m trying to foment trouble or cause riots in Northern Nigeria in conjunction with a former governor and a serving governor”, Bala recalled the report.

The Bauchi Governor resisted, “I want to categorically dissociate myself from this kind of action. My antecedent as a civil servant, a senator, and a minister does not show this kind of action. We are working very hard to make sure that Nigeria and Northern Nigeria are safe”.

He noted that some people are threatened by the rising profile of some governors in the North ahead of the 2023 polls, hence their resolve to cause disaffection between them and security agencies.

The Governor who did not mention his alleged accusers, however urged security agencies to swing into action to investigate the matter, describing it serious that could not be swept under the carpet.

Governor Bala frowned, “Please, come and prosecute me, irrespective of our constitutional protection, because to me, this is the last thing I can do”, and attributed the allegation to their being in the opposition.

“I believe in the Nigerian project. I believe in the unity of Nigeria. Bauchi State has benefited so much from the Federal Government since I became the governor almost three years ago”.

He enumerated, “We got over N12 billion from Buhari’s administration to build houses. We got a refund of over N12 billion, which we have used to set Bauchi on a path of prosperity, and so forth, and so forth”.

“We have benefited so much from the Federal Ministry of Finance. We will be the last to cause disaffection between the state and the Federal Government. Those who are looking for reasons to raise their profiles should look for other means. They should not use Bala Mohammed”, Bala cried fault.


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