Global Peace Foundation Nigeria Urges Chawai People To Embrace Peace


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna.
Determined to ensure peaceful coexistence in the Northern part of Nigeria, Global Peace Foundation Nigeria took a message of love to the people of Chawai in Kauru local government of Kaduna State with a call for respect for one another for the sustenance of peace, unity and development.
It would be recalled that about four villages in Chawai district were recently attacked by suspected herdsmen leading to the killing of about forty people and the destruction of properties.
Addressing the paramount ruler, district heads, Ardos, religious leaders and other stakeholders in Chawai, the Northern Coordinators of Global Peace Foundation Nigeria, Rev. John Joseph Hayab and Sheikh Haliru Abdullahi Maraya, enjoined the people to see themselve coming from one ancestral parent of Adam and Eve.
“God who made us in His own image and likeness, expects human beings to behave like their creator. When man begins to behave in the contrary, that isn’t the plan of God for man.
“Animals that God created for man to use appear to be more orderly in their way of life. They love themselves and you cannot hear of any misunderstanding from animals since the creation of the world.
“We should have a rethink and begin to ask ourselves questions why we cannot live with one another in peace, moreover, we can talk and understand ourselves while animals cannot communicate as we human beings.
“We have allowed ourselves to be controlled by evil desires of selfishness, greediness and other evil emotions leading to man killing his own fellow brother without any regret,” they regretted.
They enjoined the people of Chawai of the need to embrace one another for unity, peace and development of the area, stressing, “You will continue to sin against your creator and your fellow human beings if you do not evolve ways of living in peace and unity with each other.”
They called on the people of Chawai to live in peace saying, “Our NGO worldwide is aimed to bring to the knowledge of humanity that we are from Adam and Eve. We therefore have no reason not to live in peace with one another for the will of God to be accomplished in our lives.”
The Chief of Chawai, Alhaji Yahaya Mohammed and other stakeholders expressed gratitude for the coming of Global Peace Foundation Nigeria in the area and the message of love, assuring that they would go back to their localities to preach the message to their brothers and sisters on the need for peaceful coexistence.


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