Ghost workers: KDSG says it saves N500m monthly, pleads with civil servants


By; Abdul-Azeez Ahmed Kadir, Kaduna.
Kaduna State  Government said it saves N500 million monthly as a result of the verifications it embarked uponwhile pleading civil servants to cooperate fully with the on-going payroll verification exercise.
A statement by Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai’s spokesman Samuel Aruwan said the verification is nearing completion and commended the workers for their patience and contribution to the success the verification exercise has recorded.
“It is in the wider public interest to establish precisely who works for the government, to ensure that public funds are not being drained to pay ghost workers. It is also in the personal career interests of each worker that the payroll is not distorted or bloated by non-existent workers.
“Steady progress has been made since the verification process for workers and pensioners commenced in June 2015. The results so far show that the payroll for wages and pensions has declined from the N2.7bn it cost to pay workers in May 2015. The government is pushing to make further savings by unmasking more ghosts. To build on this success and ensure the integrity of the payroll, the government is pressing ahead with the concluding phase of the verification exercise. This is expected to end in April 2016. Workers who have patiently partaken in the exercise since June 2015 should demonstrate the same spirit now that verification is close to the finishing line.
“Anyone who has any doubts about the need to ensure that public funds are not frittered on ghosts should note that federal allocation to the state last month was N2.8bn. If the government had not taken steps to shrink the payroll and cut costs, what would be left for public services if the payroll remained at N2.7bn? The state’s IGR is not yet big enough to cover the gap.
“As an employer, the government regrets that some workers have encountered hitches during the verification process. The process we have launched to end in April will give a conclusive picture of public service data and hasten redress for the affected workers.
“Requesting that employees update their personnel records is fully within the rights of an employer. Participating in verification is compulsory for every government worker. Any public servant that is not verified will be considered a ghost and will be removed permanently from the nominal and payroll records of the state.
“Actions taken to enable a state government have reliable data of its workforce cannot be construed as a pretext for industrial action. In fact, it is a process that every citizen is expected to support and assist to a satisfactory conclusion” the statement concluded.


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