Future Generations Will Curse Present 19 Northern  Governors Over New Nigerian Newspapers – Elder Statesman

Isyaku Buba



It is unfortunate that at this point in time in Nigeria’s history, the 19 Northern governors would allow the New Nigerian Newspapers to be off the news stands, a development that future generations unborn would curse them for.

Kaduna based elder statesman,   Isyaku Buba expressed this when interacting with our correspondent in Kaduna on Saturday.

Buba who is a retired Immigration Officer, in an emotionally laden voice, said that the North would be faring better with the New Nigerian on the street the way it was in the past.

“It is bad that the North right now does not have a newspaper to represent its interest at the moment. They should know that any government that does not have a voice is a dead government, because it would have no means of telling the world its side of the story,” he said.

He therefore, suggested the 19 Northern governors put their heads together and make the New Nigerian formidable so it can stand the test if time.

“What we have here are just FM radio stations that hardly cover the entire Kaduna State.

” In the past, we had New Nigerian which was the only newspaper that reached every corner of Nigeria.

“In those days, the paper is produced in Kaduna and a driver takes it to Maiduguri he is there by 8am daily, even then with few airlines, the paper reached every where,” he recalled.

The elder statesman further recalled that a popular column which he said added to the paper’s popularity, ‘Candido: The Man Behind The Mask’ touched every aspect of the truth to powers that be, making it attract the common man.

“Candido then was a column someone used to write, but they used it to tell the government and the people what they didn’t like, the truth. That was what earned New Nigerian the respect. The Editorial of the paper then too was one that no other paper could compete with,” he said.

Buba also was optimistic that the present division and crisis bedeviling the north would have been reduced to barest minimum had the hard copy of New Nigerian been in circulation.

“The conflicts and crisis may not have reached this level. They may be there, but not up to thus level,” he stressed.


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