FUT Minna Shut Down Over Death Of A 300 Level Student

By; Bala B. Bitrus, Minna.
The Federal University of Technology, FUT Minna, Niger state was on Thursday afternoon hurriedly closed down by it’s authorities to avert large scale destruction of the University’s property by irate students.
The unrest was sparked off following the death of a 300 level student of the institution as a result of an alleged deliberate act of negligence and refusal to give medical attention to the student leading to his death.
The student, twenty three years old, Yeye Emmanuel Olalekan of the Department of Chemistry (Education) had slumped during a football game at the Bosso campus of the institution and was rushed to the University Medical Center and Laboratory but was denied prompt medical attention by the medics at the centre who insisted on seeing the student’s school ID card.
All entreaties to the clinic’s medics by the students who rushed their dying mate to the clinic fell on deaf ears even as Olalekan gasped for breath till he finally gave up the ghost under the watchful eyes of the clinic’s medics.
But before he breathed his last, some students had scampered out of the clinic to search for Olalekan’s hostel in order to fetch his ID card but pleaded with the clinic attendants to attend to the dieying student as they go get his identity card.
But the medics stood their ground insisting that it was the university’s rule that all sick students must be in possession of their ID cards before they could be attended to at the clinic.
 On noticing that their fellow student had stopped breathing, hell was let loose as the angry students went wild in protest. In anger and fiss of fury, they descended on the attendants who scampered out of the facility for their dear lives. 
In a jiffy the clinic and the medical lab were on fire as the students became wild even as more students poured out into the clinic area chanting protest against the clinic and University’s authority.
However, the quick intervention the campus’ Fire Fighting Department, saved the entire campus from being completely razed down as they prevented the fire from spreading to adjoining buildings. 
Sensing that the students had become wild and destructive, the University’s authorities hurriedly summoned a meeting and resolved to close the institution and send the students home to avert bush fire effects of the students’ rage.
By Thursday morning, circulars were issued and the institution’s campus radio, “Search FM” repeatedly aired out the decision of the University’s authorities to close the institution for a “two weeks mid-term recess”
Consequently, all the students quartered within the two campuses of the University at both Bosso and Gidan Kwano were ordered to vacate the campuses in their own interest before 4:00pm on Thursday.
 The angry students vexed by the attitudes of the management of the institution, defied pleas by security men on duty at the Bosso campus, they blocked all the roads leading into the Bosso campus, set up barricades while they made attempts to seize the school’s commuter Bus.
 A statement from the University’s information Unit confirmed that “Yeye slumped while playing football at the football pitch at the Bosso Campus on Wednesday evening. He was rushed to the University’s health center where he was certified dead”.
The statement while condoling with the family of the deceased student who hails from Kwara state, said “all necessary steps were being taken to determine the circumstances surrounding the student’s death just as it announced that the institution was on a two week mid-semester break as approved by the authorities of the University.


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