Fuel scarcity: Kaduna residents cry out over unbearable life By; Amos Tauna, Kaduna


Fuel scarcity: Kaduna residents cry out over unbearable life
By; Amos Tauna, Kaduna.
The ongoing fuel scarcity in the country is making life unbearable to Nigerians especially as the situation becomes harder for the people to carry out their daily activities. In Kaduna and environs, it is observed that queues of vehicles are endless and wait for days without fuel in few filling stations where the commodity seems to be available.
Our reporter observed that over 80 per cent of the vehicles have queued up in various filling stations waiting for fuel while commuters are seen in large number in various parts of the city waiting for commercial vehicles to convey them to their various destinations.
School children who used vehicles to their schools are seen trekking to their various schools too.
Where fuel is available, our reporter observed that the prices have been adjusted with buyers paying more than the official pump price of 87 naira per liter while at the black market, a litre is sold for between 250 to 300 naira depending on who sells the product.
Transport fares have also become unbelievably high as people travel within or outside town only when it becomes inevitable to do so.
Most Nigerians who spoke with our reporter blamed the federal government for not taking urgent measures to ameliorate the suffering of the masses, stressing that major oil marketers should immediately be given the right to import fuel while other loopholes that have impeded the free importation of the oil in the country be dealt with without delay.
Mr. Ike Chukwu called on the federal government to immediately constitute a committee of men of integrity that would handle the distribution of fuel to all nooks and cranny of the country to bring an end to the untold hardship caused by the fuel scarcity.
Mrs. Maryam Saleh, a civil servant in Kaduna State called on both the federal and state governments to ensure prompt payment of salaries, pointing out that some civil servants especially in Kaduna have stayed for the past five months without being paid.
“It is unfortunate that these people are suffering for reasons beyond their understanding and worst still, they have to go to their offices on a daily basis coupled with the present fuel scarcity that is biting very hard. To every Nigerian that will be sincere to tell the truth, this is what we did not bargain for when Nigerians were asking for change of governance in the country,” she lamented.
Mr. Julius Bako, a student in Kaduna lamented that since the
commencement of the fuel scarcity, he noted that life has not remain the same especially with their parents. “We are living from hand to mouth. Things have completely changed in our homes especially in the area of feeding, paying our school fees and other domestic things that our parents use to do without much problem. Today, we don’t understand what the actual problem is in the country as some of us are finding it very hard to live,” he added.
Mrs. Mary Adamu, a trader in Kaduna who sells food stuffs explained that since the coming of the present administration in the country and Kaduna State in particular, civil servants have been affected and by extension affected the purchasing power. “Some of us stay in our shops for days before customers patronize our goods something that is completely foreign to us in the market. With the fuel problem, it has further compounded our situation for the worst,” she observed.
She called on the authorities concerned to immediately look into the problems of the masses with a view of ameliorating their problems especially by providing fuel to all parts of the country to reduce the hardship Nigerians were going through.


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