Fuel Scarcity: Kaduna Refinery to supply 1.5 million liters of Petrol daily from today


Fuel Scarcity: Kaduna Refinery to supply 1.5 million liters of Petrol daily from today
By; Abdull-Azeez Ahmed Kadir, Kaduna.
Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company which has commenced refining of crude, would as from today supply 1.5 million litres of refined Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) otherwise known as petrol and 600,000 litres of Kerosine daily and this is expected to ease the excruciating long queues at various filling stations.
The Managing Director of the Company, Engineer Said Aliyu Muhammed disclosed this yesterday in his office while answering questions from journalist on the resumption of operation of the company that was shut down since July due to lack of crude.
He pleaded with Nigerians to be patient as by today “I expect PPMC to commence trucking possibly kerosene and the quantity we are looking at initially is in the neighborhood of 1.5million litres per day which of cause in the next few days we would escalate it to 2 million litres of PMS then about 600 of kerosene.
“But of cause subsequently we expect to reach the threshold of at least 2million litres per day while we are running. But when we build up to 90%, we expect that we go beyond that to 3million and 5 million liters per day. But for now, what is more important is to see that these queues disappear and when we start loading tomorrow (today), there would be an impact” he assured.
The M.D said with the support they were getting from the top management and the Minister of State for Petroleum and the President, there is an effort now not only to repair and get out but to repair and safeguard the pipelines.
“So a concrete arrangement is being made now for 24/7 safeguard of the pipeline. To ensure that nothing happen to it again. So as we are talking right now crude oil is still following from Warri to Kaduna. With that, there will be sustenance of operations.
“This is to what we said earlier on, that we have a term rehab program which we earmark 24 months for ourselves as we go along, and we have achieved substantial part of the first operation we earmarked.
“The TAM (turn around maintenance) rehabilitation for the KRPC is in three stages. First of all to bring us to reliably operate to minimum stage which is usually 60 per cent. The second stage is to make us sustain the 60 per cent and to build on it to 90 percent. The final stage is to go back on how we were designed and built to operate; that is on 100 per cent. That is related to the plant. But the critical part of the operations is the supply of the crude oil” he stressed.
He explained further that the Ministry of Defence, the National Security Adviser are all involve in making sure that not only the Warri-Kaduna pipelines, but all other critical pipelines are safeguarded.
“Warri-Port Harcourt, Excravos to Warri  and Warri to Kaduna; these are the three pipelines that supply crude oil to NNPC. Right now the only operational line is Warri to Kaduna. As we speak now contractors have move in on the segment of Excravos in Warri, and in the next three weeks hopefully we will start having more supply of crude oil” he assured.


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