Fuel Scarcity: DPR Officials accuse of Complexity in Jos By; Buhari B. Bello, Jos.


Fuel Scarcity: DPR Officials accuse of Complexity in Jos
By; Buhari B. Bello, Jos.
Officials of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in Jos, Plateau State have been accused of connivance with some dealers in the unending prolong  fuel scarcity in the state.
Investigation by New Nigerian revealed that the staff hitherto collect bribe from the marketers who on their part sell the fuel at exorbitant prices by adjusting their Machines.
Findings at some filling stations in Jos and Bukuru Metropolis, showed some level of complexity in monitoring the distribution of the product in the city.
Investigations further showed that 10 kobo used to be collected by the DPR officials at the mega filling stations on each liter of Kerosene Supply to the station.
At majority of the filling stations in the state capital and environs, it was discovered that they still prefer to sell to black marketers against the government approved pump price, thereby worsening the situation in the state.
We also discovered that some of the filling stations now divert their allocations by discharging or selling to black marketers at ungodly hour in the night.
Apart from their desire to sell the products at higher prices to whoever can afford and without being monitored, finding indicated that most black marketer now device a means of decieving the DPR officials by collaborating with the station owners to construct additional fuel tanks that consume more products.
A cross section of consumers said unless the DPR officials desist from collecting “returns” and device a way of monitoring the distribution, fuel scarcity may not end in jos metropolis soon.
The new DPR Controller in Plateau State, Chief Caesar Douglas said the Department lacks the power to make arrest.
He decline to comment on all the allegations leveled against the DPR officials in the state.


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