Fuel Scarcity: Act now, or else – Senator Sani to Buhari


‎By; Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna.
Senator representing Kaduna Central senatorial zone, Shehu Sani, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to as a matter of urgency act decisively to further reform, reorganize the oil sector for efficiency.
He also urged the President to act fast to end the lingering petroleum products scarcity in the country before the situation gets out of hand.
Senator Sani stated this in a statement he issued to journalists in Kaduna Friday.
He ‎said the lingering fuel shortages and persistent power outages experienced by Nigerians these days pose challenges to moral authority of Nigerian leaders.
He noted that, the suffering and hardships experienced by Nigerian masses is an ‘acidic vapor’ capable of eroding their goodwill enjoyed by the Government.
According to him, “It’s indefensible that with over five decades of the existence of oil industry in Nigeria, domestic availability and supply of petroleum products is still a rocket science.
“Nigeria’s petroleum sector is run like a cult organization, full of secrecy, of mystery and of blackmail. There is no doubt about it that Nigeria’s oil cartel are today holding the President by the groins and holding the nation by the neck.
“The ultimate aim of the retrogrades in Nigeria’s oil cartel is to cripple the economy, incite Nigerians and blackmail the FG to restore the dubious aspects of subsidy, privatize refineries and kow tow to their capitalistic interest.
“We need to act fast as these persistent shortages have the capacity of igniting unrest and discontent.
“I appeal to Nigerians to exercise a bit more patience while solution to the problem is sorted out and to disregard regressive forces hell bent on politically exploiting the situation.‎”


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