Fuel price increase senseless, height of cruelty by Buhari – Sarki


By; Abdull-Azeez Ahmed Kadir, Kaduna

The President, Kaduna State PDP Patriotic Youth Front, Comrade Danjuma Bello Sarki, has described the current increase in the price of petrol in Nigeria by the Buhari administration as senseless and the height of cruelty against the Nigerian people.
He said it is callous for “a government that have not added any value to the economic wellbeing of its  people since it assumed office almost a year ago to dish out such obnoxious policy on the same people that voted it into office.
“There is no justification that despite the decrease in international price of oil, which is today hovering around $45, Nigerians are still made to buy N145/Litre.
“This shows that the present government have lost touch with the yearning and aspirations of the masses. We believe that no sensible government would contemplate increase in price of Petroleum product at a time like this when Nigerians are obviously going through excruciating hardship and lack, where prices of household commodity are avoidably skyrocketing.
“It is absolutely deceptive that Buhari, Osinbajo and the APC who vehemently rejected the deregulation of the downstream sector by the past administration and during the last campaigns promised to reduce the pump price of petrol from N87 to N45 has now decided to insult the sensibility of Nigerian by this increase.
“This decision of the APC administration has further exposed their disconnect with the people and has once again prove their insensitivity to the plight of the common man. It obviously shows that Buhari and his APC co-travellers are not interested in improving the welfare of the downtrodden, but derive joy in inflicting untold hardship on the people.
“The economic hardship that would definitely follow if this decision is allowed to stay is better imagined than experienced, hence, the need to reject and resist it by all.
“We strongly condemned this action of the APC government in its entirety and call on the Nigerian labour Congress, civil society organizations and all well meaning Nigerians to stand up against this heinous act. We demand the immediate reversal of this harsh policy in the interest of the masses and for peace to reign.”


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