For Equity Sake, North Should Cede Presidency To South In 2023 – APC stakeholder


*tells Atiku, Kwankwaso to withdraw


A critical stakeholder of the All Progressives Congress (APC), from Adamawa State, Alhaji Ahmed Lawan has backed the calls by many Nigerians that there must be a power rotation from the Northern to Southern zone of the country no matter the political intrigues, dynamism, and interest of political game changers of Nigeria.

The Adamawa former Organizing Secretary of the APC said Northerns have been seen as Oliver Twist, they are more of power gluttons and desperadoes if they insist on clinging to the Presidency at the expiration of Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure or beyond 2023.

He called on Northern elite not to discard the principles of social justice that emphasizes  fair play, equity, and inclusion of all people.

Lawan said equitable distribution of power, wealth, and resources will ensure peaceful coexistence among the people of diverse  religion, tribes and political ideology in the country.

He said the North has no reason of wanting to be in power come 2023, if they truly want a united and peaceful Nigeria.

“The North has consecutively ruled for eight years of uninterrupted power, it’s therefore, wise for the sake of unity to allow the Southern part of the country to decide who will be our next President.

” In this wise, Atiku Abubakar, PDP Presidential candidate, Engr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, NNPP Presidential candidate are the vibrant Northern candidates of their respective parties that need to sheath their swords in the interest of peace and unity of our great nation.” Lawan said.

He said that he is perturbed about the vested Oliver Twist interest of “I want more ” of the Northern extraction, against the southern part of the nation.

“Because of the Northerner’s love of power, our brothers and sisters from the South don’t have much trust for any leader from the North. They see us as selfish Nigerians that don’t want the power to leave this part of the country.

” The best way to prove that Nigeria belongs to every Nigerian, is the shifting or power, especially in the coming 2023 election. Let all Northerners looking for the seat of power to be president should leave that to the southerners.” Lawan said. 


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