Football Has Power To Unite Us, Hence Leveraging On It   – PS Homes’ Boss


 By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan 

Group Managing Director of PS Homes and Properties, Dr. Taiwo Paul Olukunle has described football as strong unifying factor of among Nigerians.

Dr Olukunle said this while signing Ibadan based Yoruba Sports presenter, Babatunde Saheed,  Mr. Sport as a brand ambassador of his firm. 

According to him, the recently held AFCON has better shown the strong unifying factor of football to most Nigerians, saying, apart from serving as a means of entertainment, football is regarded as a strategic marketing tool that brands can employ to warm themselves into the mind of their loyal fans.

“Interestingly, many brands across the world that recognised these benefits have tapped into football marketing through sponsorship, enabling them to leverage the enthusiasm and loyalty of the die-hard football fans to market their products and services”, he said 

Dr Olukunle added, “Sports has a spirit that gives joy and happiness, and when we’re talking about the key that binds family together, is love, and that’s the spirit of sportsmanship, so if we can take the joy in sports and leveraging it into real estate, because the purpose of real estate is to provide shelter for father, mother and children, so if there’s love and joy we have a very good family,” 

“ A country like Nigeria with more than 250 ethnic groups and 250 million people can be divided along ethno-religious lines, but AFCON has the power to bring us together.”

The GM PS Homes and Properties stressed, ” At a time of growing hardship and insecurity in Nigeria, one in which there is real, deep mistrust and disillusionment among much of the population with the government, AFCON serves as a reminder that there is something good that can come from the country. There is still something to celebrate.”


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