Food Security: Flour Mills Vows  To Keep Providing Quality Products At Affordable Rate


By;  ISAAC ODEH,  Kaduna

The Route to  Consumer Manager of Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC, Mr Charles Olute has said that the company will keep  providing quality products to Nigerians, regardless of the economic status in the country.

Mr, Charles who was speaking at the launching of a new product from the company, called, Auntie Bilkisu Semolina, held in Kaduna,  said, “despite the economic issue that impacted our business last year and by extension affected business operations, our products are still affordable.”

The manager explained that,  “Rising inflation and high cost of living, the exchange rate depreciation and global supply chain challenges, increased insecurity in Nigeria are affecting the economy.”

Mr, Charles noted,  “Due to the economic situation and pressure on disposable income, consumers are beginning to down trade to cheaper alternatives. As part of our plans to continually remain competitive, we are relaunching  Auntie Bilkisu Semolina into the market, to meet the needs of those who prefer a cheaper alternative.”

He explained that, Auntie Bilkisu Semolina is very smooth and easy to prepare and is coming from the manufacturer of top consistent quality brands in the food category, the Golden Penny.

“Our range of good quality products for consumers with sensitive budgets, made from good quality wheat  which is easy to mould,  has smooth texture and is easy to swallow. Auntie Bilkisu Semolina is a nutritious and filling swallow that satisfies family hunger with a well balance mild taste and gives value for money” ,he concluded. 

In his remarks, the Kaduna Area Sales  Manager, Mr, Israel Obafemi, said, “a good day for Flour Mills Company, producers of various range of products. Today, we launch a new product by name, Auntie Bilkisu Semolina, the biggest and finest product which is affordable to the common man, which l hope the masses can embrace. It is cheaper and accessable to consumers.”

Earlier, the Kano Area sales Manager, Mr, Temitope Wellington said  that Flour Mills of Nigeria is known with quality products,and Auntie Bilkisu Semolina is one of them.

 “Our hope is that we bring food to the table of the  common man in affordable price, ” he added. 


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