Fifth Ceasefire Truce Violated In Sudan, Rivals Blame Each Other



Fears have been expressed over shaky United Nations (UN) brokered ceasefire as sporadic artillery fires were reportedly heard with smouldering gunfire engulfing the skyline of Khartoum Sunday morning and other Sudanese cities signalling the end of three days truce.

International bodies hoped that the 72-hour truce, the fifth agreed on would lead to negotiation and dialogue that could possibly usher in a period of lasting and sustainable peace in the Saharan nation.

Battle for supremacy between the Sudanese rival generals which began on 15 April 2023 has caused the loss of over 500 lives and many more injured in an avoidable friction, conflict analysts described as ego-driven.

Nigeria and several other nations had already evacuated their citizens from the war-torn Arab country experts feared could plunge East Africa subregion into humanitarian crisis.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres expressed fears in a meeting on Saturday with the body’s humanitarian agencies that the country was already falling part due to the war and called on global communities to intervene.

Death toll in a latest figure released by Sudanese ministry of Health put casualty figures at 528 and 4,600 injured with Tens of thousands already pouring into neighboring Chad, Djibouti and Egypt as refugees.

In the latest report of resumption and escalation of conflict, rival generals seem to have returned to battlefield with fighting forces aiming at frontline of each other in cities such as Nyala, Kabkabiya, Bahray, EdDaein and the capital Khartoum with reports of shortage of food and water.


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