FG To Set Up Agro Rangers Corps To Halt Farmers/Herders Crisis

The Federal Government is considering setting up and training of Agro-Rangers corps  to stem the tide of farmers, herdsmen clashes in the country.
This was one of the recommendations of the committee headed by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to address the incessant killings as a result of farmers,  herdsmen clashes in the country.
Speaking to State House correspondents yesterday after the National Economic Council meeting presided over Osinbajo at the Presidential Villa, Bauchi State governor  Mohammed Abubakar noted that an agro rangers Corps would  be trained to provide security around ranches, livestock production centers and grazing routes.
He also said the committee recommended military actions to support the police and other security agencies in trouble spots.
Abubakar ,who reiterated that that the federal government has no powers to impose colony or ranching on any state ,said each state will determine it’s unique solution in solving the crisis.
He explained “We discussed many issues affecting the nation. Chief among the issues discussed by National Economic Council is the current problem of herdsmen/farmers clashes. If you recall, National Economic Council had set up a walking group under Mr. Vice President to look into these problems of herdsmen/farmers clashes.
“The working group on its own also set up a subcommittee headed by the governor of Ebonyi State, who as we speak is working going round all the areas where these crisis are prevalent, consulting with the key stakeholders.
“But an interim report of the working group was submitted by Mr. Vice President. In that report they have highlighted quite a number of issues that need to be looked into.”
“They have recommended to Mr. President that in all areas where these clashes are prevalent, the military should be moved in to buttress whatever the Nigeria Police and other security agencies are doing in forestalling the problems.”
“The committee has recommended strongly that the military should move into all forests or areas where the clashes are prevalent with the view to flashing out all bandits hiding in those areas.
“The committee has recommended also the setting up and training of Agro-Rangers. You know there has been takes of setting up ranches, colonies, a livestock production center etc. ..
“The issue is actually a problem of nomenclature, the most important thing is that some measure should be taken in attempting to settle down the herdsmen so that they will stop moving with their herds  from one section of the country to the other in the process creating all the problems we are experiencing.
“So, whichever one a state government that is keying into the Programme chooses, either a grazing reserve or ranch, or a livestock production center, there is a need for rangers to be trained. Rangers that will Police either ranches or grazing reserves.
“The working group made it very clear that under the provision of the Land Use Act, it is the governors of state that superintend over land in the state.
” Therefore, the federal government of Nigeria is in no position and in fact the federal government will not impose on any state any type of solution, be it ranch, grazing reserves or whatever. The responsibility is that of the governor because they are the ones who by law are superintend over land matters.
“The Vice President informed the meeting that Mr. President has approved  for the setting up of a committee to be headed by the Vice President again that will go into these areas where these clashes have taken place with a view to looking at ways to ameliorate the suffering of the people in those areas and to resettle these people,” he stated .


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