Extend ‘change mantra’ to education sector – Cleric to Buhari


By; Bayo Akamo, Ibadan.
Founder and Spiritual Head of Shafaudeen in Islam Worldwide, Professor Sabit Ariyo Olagoke has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to extend the ongoing change mantra in the country to the nation’s education sector.
Professor Olagoke who made the call while speaking in Saki at the opening of the 2016  Olagoke Education Competition organized by the Olagoke Legacy Education Foundation said this became necessary in view of the inadequate attention being accorded the sector presently.
He stressed that there is also the need for stake holders in the education sector to come up with a policy on functional education which would turn out employable graduates with confidence in themselves and fear of God.
The Cleric in his lecture titled  “Essence of Certification for Competence and Standard” maintained that certificates are classified documents graded according to the bearers performances over a period of schooling and apprenticeship in which teaching and learning must have taken place for each candidate to be able to fix as appropriate into task of responsibility for the society”
According to the Cleric, “knowledge is power and should be acquired for the future and immediate future needs” adding that
students should think of their future career and meet with a Counselling Psychologist to guide them based on their interests.
“Remember that we are now in the world of ICT, Vocation and Entrepreneurship.  Joblessness must be out of the way. Learn your parent’s trades too to complement your academic pursuit or formal education,” he said.
Prof Olagoke, added that “since the whole world is now a global market with wide range of opportunities to interact and reach out even through the internet for transactions, there is a need to be holistic in issuing out certificate to graduates on the basis of merit only”.
“This is to allow him or her be graded and classified accordingly.  Issuance of certificates must follow due process that will ensure a thoroughbred quality graduate with high level of moral discipline as well as being technically sound and versatile in his or her areas of chosen career. Correct and worthy certification will open up wide range of opportunities in the world where the environment cries for redemption from the clutches of quacks, crooks and fraudsters that ironically produce managers, politicians, administrators who determine the quality of our lives and standard of our living”.
He advised the students to have the fear of God in all they do saying “your destiny is in your hands. Don’t be involved in cultism or any act that will bring shame to your family. Our prayer is that you excel we your parents in life”
Speaking, the Chairman of the ceremony Alhaji J.A. Gbadamosi lauded Prof Olagoke for his passion for education in the country.


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