Expert Frowns At Poor Training Of Nurses


The way and manner healthcare providers train auxiliary nurses in their clinics and practice beyond the scope of their registered schedule  have been frowned upon by Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris.
Idris observed that many of the healthcare providers  have been recruiting auxiliary nurses and unqualified personnel thereby endangering the lives of innocent people who unknowingly patronize these health facilities.
“The ugly trend,” he stressed, “has now degenerated to a state where some of the so-called trained auxiliary nurses  and unqualified assistants now go out and establish their own outfits claiming to be professionals and in turn breed other quacks.”
He pointed out that this trend could lead to a long chain of terrible  consequences for the health sector if not decisively  addressed.
The health commissioner declared the determination of the state government to stop having unqualified personnel work in private  and public health facilities.
“We as a government will continue to insist that the environment for for dispensing of medical care should  be suitable for the promotion and maintenance of good health and and we will ensure that,” Idris said.
He warned that there is no hiding place for quacks to practice their “injurious acts” in the state,  assuring that quacks would be fished out sooner than later.
Idris disclosed that his ministry is investigating the activities of some other healthcare operators who are suspected to be fake, and therefore promised to that they would be prosecuted if found liable.
He warned registered healthcare operators who practise beyond the scope or schedule for which they were registered to be mindful of the ethical standards.
Idris said:  “A situation where a health facility which  is registered as a maternity home engages in activities beyond  the schedule of a maternity home is not acceptable.”
He warned that Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFEMAA)has intensified  its search and monitoring role, and that any facility found wanting in any area of qualitative healthcare delivery will be sanctioned and their owners prosecuted.
Idris advised members of the public not to patronize any health facility that does not display HEFEMAA logo.
He also directed Lagosians to channel complaints and petitions in respect of unprofessional conduct by healthcare providers to HEFEMAA office:  Room 514, Ministry of  Health, Alausa, Ikeja.


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