Exam bodies want certificate forgery stopped—NECO boss


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From Mohammed Ibrahim, Kaduna
RegistrarThe National Examination Council (NECO) Professor Promise N Okpala  said Examination bodies  cannot stop certificate forgery in the country –
Speaking at the Media Parley at NECO’s Headquters, Mina, Niger State capital, Professor Promise said the only measures those bodies can take is to stop the syndicates getting their security codes correctly.
According to him, NECO is doing a lot to ensure that it make use of secret codes which will be difficult for the syndicates to use.
He said  the organization was fortunate, by the help it gets from State Security Service (SSS) to apprehend the suspects that  were forging NECO’s certificates.
“ When we received the information that there were some syndicates. Engaged in forging our certificates. we immediately alerted the state security service (SSS) which went into action succeeded in rounding them up.
“ We have ten people  involved and three of them are our  staff. They have since been prosecuted and we have a copy of the court verdict.”
“ The truth is the it will be difficult for the exammination bodies to block certificate  forgery but they can only make it hard for the syndicates to get it correctly. we are now bold to say that it will be difficult to forge our current certificate,” he said.
Professor promise also stated that as part of measures to address the issue NECO introduced so many security codes on their certificate so as to make it difficult for any syndicate to get it correctly
“ Other measures is to ensure sure that no staff stays up to 10 years in a particular office in this organization. We  make  sure we transfer our staff more often. We do not transfer staff based on primitive, but rather to curb exammination syndicates and to improve efficiency,” he said
Professor Okpala spoke extensively on the achievements recorded this year, to includ the release of examinations resuuils as at when due among others.


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