Enough of state of inactivity, constitute your cabinet now ~ Group tells Ajimobi


By; Bayo Akamo,Ibadan.
The Progressives for Good Governance (PGG) in Oyo State Sunday asked Governor Abiola Ajimobi to constitute his cabinet now in the overall interest of the state.
PGG in a statement made available to journalists in Ibadan signed by its Secretary, Mr Samuel Babatunde declared that further delay by Governor Ajimobi to constitute his cabinet may worsen the socio-economic condition in Oyo State.
According to the coalition of progressives in Oyo State, the only way for the governor to correct the impression that he “relishes the one-man show that governance in the state had become since May 2015” is for him to constitute his cabinet.
“The governor needs to get his government to take off after taxiing needlessly on the runway for one year and to put a lie to the impression being created by opposition elements that the state had been run aground and become an unproductive asset,” it said.
PGG stressed that the cabinet members when put in place, would be available to “carry out government policies and programmes and thus change the current atmosphere where the state is shut down when the governor travels outside the country.”
“While we throw our weight behind the governor’s decision to run a slim-sized government in view of the ever dwindling receipts from the federation account, we urge Governor Ajimobi to do so without further delay. We pride ourselves in having a governor who broke the second term jinx in the state, against the Armageddon threatened by the conservative parties, this victory provides a golden opportunity to better the lot of the citizenry and show them that their investing their votes in our party is worth the while”.
The group added,“we do not pray that the current state of inactivity continues because it will justify the narrative woven by the opposition figures that regrets are gnashing of teeth awaited anyone who contemplated the second coming of our governor.
“It is not that the appointment of Commissioners in itself will mean an Eldorado for the people. But the economy of a state like Oyo, which is heavily dependent on the activities of government to function well, will be better for it. If the state of inertia in the pace-setter state continues, then the goodwill account of the progressive elements will be in red God forbid. A stitch in time can still save nine, if Governor Ajimobi is willing to do the needful”.
PGG pointed out that “Ogun State is a neighbouring progressive state whose governor was enthroned by the people the same day as Oyo State and has since got its full complement of government machinery in full swing,” saying, “why should it be different in Oyo which prides itself as a pace-setter state?”.


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