End of The Road For IBBI Randy Lecturer?

By; Bala B. Bitrus, Minna.
These are not the best of times for the management and authorities at the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai in Niger state where one of the members of the academics of the University has plunged the institution into messy, scandalous sex saga which has exposed the institution as a haven for for sexual pervates and reprobates.
A randious male lecturer from the institution’s department of English who had over time allegedly assumed a notorious image was last week caught pants down in the apartment of female student.
Known for his penchant for illicit affairs with female students, the lecturer had obviously fallen into a well orchestrated trap plotted by a female student who had suffered from the lecturer’s unbearably high libido and drives for frequent sex.
Amongst students, both males and females, the man and his ways are said to be well known. He is said to always stands his grounds to have his ways before a student could scale through his subject and course.
For him, it is money for marks for the male students while sex for marks for the female students.
And he stands unyielding to all pleas from his hapless students who wince at the mention of his name or subject units, he is reported to be so brazen and proud without let as he is said to always threaten his students to “cooperate” or risk failing his subject course at examination.
Last week, Mr. randy Lecturer who had always been a nightmare to students, was at their mercies with no one shedding tears for him. It was time for them to take their sweet revenge.
The lecturer, simply identified as Ishaq Yusuf had concluded plans to pass the night with one of his female students at his own prompting despite the girl’s pleas. With negotiations done, the Don arrived at the girl’s apartment for a night of fun.
But unknown to him, the girl had alerted her fiance and other students who laid ambush in her room in wait for Mr. randy.
No sooner had the lecturer stepped into the girl”s room under the cover of darkness and had begun to remove his clothes, one of the spy catchers hidden in the clothes wardrobe drawer and armed with a phone camera begun to take various snap shots of the man as he undressed himself.
Then suddenly the toilet door in her room flung open and a male student appeared before the stack naked lecturer. Seconds later, another student emerged and the man was caged.
To vent their spleen on him, the students first made the helpless lecturer mop the floor of the room after which they made him scrub the floor while they alerted the rest of the school.
In no time, the news of the big catch filtered through the university as the students, males and females milled around the place to catch the glimpse of the man in his moment of ignominy.
His plea for bargains felled on deaf ears and neither could he afford to shout for help as this would have been more counter productive for him. So he simply obeyed the commands of the students.
The trap laid by the female student was a last resort as most of his victims had cried out in vain to authorities of the University without any respite even as his notoriety is believed to be in the know of the school authorities who have failed to do the needful.
Our correspondent gathered that Yusuf who is in his early 50s, is a pioneer lecturer in the institution. He is suspected to have been in the habit and must have slept with many female students at different times.
His trespasses were without let as he is said to have made love advances to even married women who are his students without any inhibition or restrain.
The students who agreed to hatch this plot according to our sources, were the brave students who were tired of the man’s misdemeanor and were therefore determined to stop the trend no matter what it could cost them.
Meanwhile, our correspondent gathered that plans by the school authority to cover the randy lecturer may have been scuttled as the incidence has since gone viral on the social media platforms just as most of the students are spoiled for a showdown with the University authorities should they attempt to penalize any student over the matter.
“Many female students both present and in the past have either suffered in silence or reported cases of sexual harassment by the lecturer to the Students’ Affairs Office but no action was taken against him”.  One female student told our correspondent.
The students are therefore waiting and watching as they await the next move by the institution.
Efforts to get the school’s Public Relations Officer, (PRO), Mr. Sunday Gana to react to the scandal that has rocked the institution since last weekend proved abortive.
All his mobile telephone numbers were switched off as at the time of filing this report.


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