Elections Malpractices: UN Women Nigeria To Establish Gender Observatory


UN  Women Nigeria has concluded plans to establish gender observatory to boost the monitoring of electoral malpractices targeting women in the country as well as conduct gender audit of women in politics..
The project is one of the organization’s flagship initiatives on how it plans to make a difference in enhancing women’s leadership and political participation in Nigeria.
“This programme will promote women’s increased and effective representation in political, elective and appointive positions in Nigeria,” UN Women Nigeria explained.
According to it, the proposed activities seek to support enabling policies and laws to facilitate the realization of the 35 per cent threshold for women’s representation in elective and appointive positions.
The organization also said it will conduct a gender  audit of women’s engagement in leading political parties.
“UN Women,” the organization declared, “will support movement and alliance-buildings in order to contribute to the development of a cadre of diverse and capable women leaders.”
It vowed to promote gender-friendly political and government institutions that support the advancement and retention of women in leadership.


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