‘Election tribunals have failed Nigerians’ – SAN


Election tribunals have failed Nigerians’ – SAN
A Kaduna based Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Barrister Yunus Ustaz Usman has expressed dismay at the performance of the election tribunals in the country saying that the judgments are not in consonance with law and logic.
Speaking to New Nigerian in Kaduna, he said, “I am not happy with the election tribunals at all, anybody that says he is happy with the judgments of the election tribunals is deceiving himself. Fortunately, we have a Supreme Court Judge totally incorruptible. Most of the judgments delivered are not in consonance with law and logic. It makes one to weep for this country.
“I am calling on Nigerians that not only governorship election be taken to Supreme Court but all election cases must go to the Supreme Court. Anybody that tells you that he is satisfied with the election tribunals is just deceiving himself. All abuse cases of election tribunals should be allowed to go to Supreme Court, that is the only way that Nigerians will tell you that we have obtained justice. What is happening at election tribunals make sincere Nigerians weep.”
He noted that for there to be fair hearing of any election case, the tribunal should hold its hearing or judgment in the same state but should be taken to a neutral ground and the judges handling the case should be under close supervision by security agents throughout the duration of the case to avoid any interference by any party.
Speaking on the last National Conference, he expressed delight that the membership cut across all segments in the country, stressing that the resolutions taken were pragmatic and meant to move the country forward. “Unfortunately, Goodluck Jonathan refused to ascent to the constitutional amendment which would have brought their views into focus. I am not happy that President Buhari and the present National Assembly have not done anything to re-enact and amend the constitution accordingly,” he added.
Baring his mind on the caliber of the ministerial nominees recently screened by the Senate, he said, “they were not screened, it was like an interactive session and the Senate did not ask questions. I don’t think they did not intend to get anything from the ministerial nominees either.
“The Senate has not done anything impressive since its inception and the country is not moving anywhere. They have not brought up the issue of the constitutional amendment; it appears the interest of Nigerians is not uppermost in their minds.”
While assessing the ministerial nominees screened by the Senate, the Senior Advocate opined that President Buhari could have engaged technocrats and people that Nigerians would say the desired change will take effect. “When it comes to national leadership, we are not talking of party and that is why the country is not moving forward. It could have been people that are straight forward like Buhari himself. The country is disappointed with the caliber of people he appointed,” he explained.
On the anti-corruption war being fought by the present administration, Barrister Yunus said that President Buhari was fighting the war alone. He called on the President to arrest and prosecute anybody found to be corrupt irrespective who the person may be in the society or from any part of the country.


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