El-Rufai signed approved N172b 2016 budget


El-Rufai signed approved N172b 2016 budget
By; Abdull-Azeez Ahmed Kadir, Kaduna.
Kaduna State Governor Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai has signed into law the approved 2016 budget which amounts to one hundred and seventy two billion naira (N172b) as passed by the State House of Assembly with the promise to implement it to the later.
Signing the budget at Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, Kaduna, El-rufais said the administration and the state has made history as Kaduna State House of Assembly had become the first All Progressive Congress (APC) state to pass it’s budget and assented to in December and no administration in the state since the return to democratic rule has ever had a budget this high.
“Today is a very important day in the life of our administration because we have made double history” he stressed while commending the legislature for passing the bill within a space of three weeks, working round the clock without let or hindrance.
The Governor also pointed out that one of his major challenge and concern is lack of money and the dwindling price of crude oil in the international market. But he assured that the state will look inward for revenue to implement the budget.
He stressed that his administration initially proposed 169 billion naira but had to increase it to 171 billion after hearing from the people during a town hall meeting. But the legislature eventually increased it to over 172 billion naira.
He also applauded three other very important bills passed by the Assembly which he said are key to the success of the APC administration in the state. The laws are; Facilities Agency Bill, Kaduna Geographic Information Service Bill, and Kaduna Investment Promotion Agency Law‎.
The Facilities Agency Bill he said would centralize all maintenance of public buildings and facility in one agency that will not maintained the building themselves, “But we will contract it out to the private sector give our people the opportunity to build businesses around maintaining public asset and creating jobs for the young people of the state” he stressed.
The Kaduna Geographic Information Service bill he explained will centralize not only land allocation in urban areas in the state, but will enable those who transact in land to a one stop shop where all geo special data will be available.
“We are putting a lot of hope that we would raise a lot of money from ground rent and other land charges” he emphasized.
The Kaduna Investment Promotion Agency law he asserted is a key to the efforts in attracting businesses and creating jobs for the people. “This law is important for the revival of industries in the state and creating jobs” he said.
“I promise the Speaker and the State Assembly that we will not disappoint you, we will implement this budget to the later by God’s grace “he said
The Speaker Honourable  Aminu Shagali while presenting the budget to the Governor assured that through their oversight function, they would monitor the implementation of the appropriation and ensure the executive follow the rules and meticulously implement it.
He also presented the three laws passed by the House; the Facility Management Agency Bill, Kaduna Geographic Information Service Law and the Kaduna Investment Promotion Law to the Governor for assent.
It would be recalled that Kaduna Gov Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai on December 1, 2015 presented a proposed budget of 171.7 billion comprising of N 109.3bn (64 per cent) capital and N62.4 (36. per cent) recurrent component for 2016 fiscal year to the State House of Assembly.


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