El-rufai names prominent beneficiaries of Sch land grabs, approves over N378M for 1st phase of compensation By; Abdull-Azeez Ahmed Kadir, Kaduna.


El-rufai names prominent beneficiaries of Sch land grabs, approves over N378M for 1st phase of compensation
 By;  Abdull-Azeez Ahmed Kadir, Kaduna.
Kaduna State Government has unveiled thirty eight names of prominent individuals who are beneficiaries of the state school land grabs that led to the demolition of structures to reclaim the lands, among them the state serving Commissioner of Education  with the approval of about 400 million naira to be paid as compensation in the first phase.
The list contained the names of 38 individuals, among them former Military Governor, former Minister, several former State Lawmakers and politicians with fifteen out of the nineteen with properties at Rimi College carve-out whose developed property are evaluated to get the compensation.
In a Statement issued by Special Assistant, Media and Publicity to Governor Nasir Ahmad El-rufai, Mr Samuel Aruwan, the government said “The recovery exercise is now being implemented in Rimi College, Kaduna. Founded in 1941 as Saint John’s College, the school occupies 24.387 hectares of prime land. Three governments eventually excised a total of 3.19 hectares, which they gave to private individuals. The school also lost its students’ hostels which were converted to offices for some state and federal agencies.”
The statement added that the government is determined to restore the College as a boarding school and relocation notices have been sent to the state and federal agencies occupying the school premises. It explained that the private land owners have also been served notices of revocation and those who have valid titles and development approvals are having their properties valued for the purposes of compensation.
The 19 property whose valuation processes have been concluded are the ones to get the sum of N378, 357, 752.00 as compensation for the first phase approved by the State Executive Council meeting of 16 November 2015. The statement expatiated that more compensation payments will be considered as other property are valued and the titleholders given replacement plots of land.
“In the interest of transparency, the Government considers it prudent to publish the names of the individuals that were allocated plots of land within Rimi College by previous administrations. The Government is aware that some of the 38 beneficiaries of the allocations took no steps to develop their plots because they had reservations about building on school property.  Government hopes that our elite would subscribe to a consensus that preserves and respects the integrity of social assets like schools and hospitals” the statement prayed.
The allottees got the parcels of lands under three different administrations in the state. The first allocation was done in 1999 under the military government of then Colonel Umar Farouk Ahmed and the plot address, size, number and beneficiaries are;

  NC/KD Allottee Plot No. Size
1 KD 8880 Lt. Col Akaagerger I. Joseph 7A 980m2
2 KD 13022 Kurfi Umaru Ibrahim 7B 1530m2
3 KD 8886 Fatima Yabi Ahmed 9 1500m
4 KD 9296 Abba Tijjani 9A 1300m
5 KD 29438 Hajiya Zainab Ahmed Dasuki 9B 1200m
6 KD 9361 Abdulbasset Mohammed S. 11 1100m
7 KD 8885 Lt. Col. Musa Mohammed 11A 1550m
8 KD 9360 Said Hashim 11B 970m

The Second Allocation in 2012 was done by the government of now late Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa with the following beneficiaries and lands;

  NC/KD Allottee Plot No. Size
1 KD 30859 Hon. Joshua Yakubu Barde 1 503m2
2 KD 30673 Hon.Yunusa Garba Turawa 2 503m2
3 KD 33194 Hon. Hassan Jumare 9 523m2
4 KD 31857 Hon. Bashir Muntake 4 524m2
5 KD 31820 Ibrahim Abdullahi Abba 4A 382m2
6 KD 31779 Simon Gudu Madaki 5 664m2
7 KD 30977 Hajiya Lubabatu Usman 6 619m2
8 KD 31073 Danladi Gabes 7 970m2
9 KD 30674 Hon. Shehu Usman Tahir 8 476m2
10 KD 31633 Alkali Bawa 9 768m2
11 KD 31181 Hon. David Umar Gurara 10 836m2
12 KD 30572 Hon. Labari Shelly Tela 11 759m2
13 KD Hon. Ibrahim Suleiman 12 718m2
14 KD 31203 Hon. Felix Hassan Hyat 13 504m2
15 KD 32613 Celestine Mathew Tokan Luka 14 454m2
16 KD Mrs. Emelda D. Yashim 15 433m2
17 KD 31525 Abdulsalam Muazu 16 557m2
18 KD 31942 Michael Kephas Yakubu 17 889m2

The Third and last Allocation was done between 2013 and 2015 by the government of the immediate past Governor, Alhaji Mukhtar Ramalan Yero with the following allotted lands and personalities.

  NC/KD Allottee Plot No. Size
1 KD 32875 Mohammed I. Hayatudeen 1 1131m2
2 KDL/93054 Alh. Magaji Alhassan 3 947m2
3 KDL/82227 Alh. Abubakar Mohammed 5 1093m2
4 KD 33161 Musa Ahmed Gambo 7 1115m2
5 KD 33160 Ahmed Ishaku 9 1470m2
6 KDL/95225 Umar U. Shehu 11 1519m2
7 KD 31841 Sheik Mal. Umar Hassan 8A 613m2
8 KD 33271 Nura Mohammed Shehu 19 996m2
9 KD 32958 Hon. Abdulsalam Baba-Ahmed   2083m2
10 KDL/96308 Rabi Salisu Oladoja 10A 500m2
11 KD Dr. Shehu Usman Danfulani 12A 500m2
12 KD Alh. Kabir Bello 8A 500m2

The first phase of approved compensation to individuals and amount are;

1 HON. JOSHUA YAKUBU BARDE 1 40,393,800:00
2 HON. YUNUSA GARBA TURAWA 2 28,827,000:00
3 HON. HASSAN JUMARE 3 0.00 (Undeveloped)
4 AHMED ALH. ABDULLAHI 4/4A 1,452,000:00
5 SIMON GUDU MADAKI 5 0.00 (Undeveloped)
6 HAJIYA LUBABATU USMAN 6 33,891,885:00
7 MUSA AHMED GAMBO 7 0.00 (Undeveloped)
8 SHEHU USMAN TAHIR 8 13,012,820:00
9 SHEHU USMAN TAHIR 8A  1,562,400:00
10 ALKALI BAWA 9 41,085,350:00
11 HON. DAVID UMAR GURARA 10   5,804,680:00
12 HON. LABARI SHELLY TELA 11 72,460,935:00
13 HON. IBRAHIM SULEIMAN 12     972,000:00
14 HON. FELIX HASSAN HYAT 13 41,746,161:00
15 CELESTINE MATHEW TOKAN LUKA 14   1,763,586:00
16 MRS. EMELDA D. YASHIM 15 0.00 (Undeveloped)
17 ABDULSALAM MU’AZU 16 40,474,025:00
18 MICHAEL KEPHAS YAKUBU 17 53,747,200:00
19 ABDULSALAM BABA-AHMED    1,163,910:00
    TOTAL N378,357,752:00



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