EDSG Proposes N150B For 2017


Edo state Governor, Mr. Godwin Enogheghase Obaseki, yesterday present the 2017 budget and Appropriation Bill in the tune of N150, 011,831,079  to the state House of Assembly.
The 2017 proposed budget which was christened the ‘Budget of consolidation and prosperity’ witnessed 29% increase over the 2016 budget which was N115, 913,642,987.
Governor Obaseki said that the 2017 proposed budget represents his faithful contract to the people of Edo State, adding his administration is poised to laying out trajectory for the immediate and long-term future roadmap to transform the state to becoming one of the most prosperous states in country.
“Our 2017 budget therefore represents my faithful contract with all Edo people to consolidate on the progress which we as a people have achieved over the last years and to continue in our steadfast match to build a greater tomorrow for our people.
“With the unfailing providence of the Almighty and the irreversible mandate of the people of Edo State, I am here to lay out a trajectory for the immediate and long-term future of our roadmap to transform Edo State to become one of the most prosperous states in Nigeria”, Governor Obaseki assured.
He further disclosed that the proposed budget was wrapped around six key policy areas that includes: Economic Sector (N22.2Billion), Infrastructure Development (N22.2Billion); Institutional Reforms (N3, 1791, 872,873); Environmental Sustainability (N6.9Billion); Social Welfare Enhancement (N7.3Billion) and culture & Tourism (N305 Million) respectively.
“In our determination to create and deliver on our mandate to Edo people and to stimulate the creation of over 200,000 jobs, the state government seeks holistic development through sustainable economic growth, to generate reliable employment opportunities and ensure citizen’s empowerment.
“We have therefore set out agenda to embark on massive economic revolution to be driven by optimizing our potentials in agribusiness and industrialization.
“We propose to spend the sum of N22.3 billion on infrastructure development and upgrade. We have proposed a capital investment of N6.6 billion to rebuild the infrastructure of our institution in 2017.
“We have proposed to invest N22.2 billion on the economic sector as a catalyst for economic growth and development in the course of 2017.
”Our budget proposed has provided for N6.9 billion as capital spend on the Environmental Sector”, he said.
Obaseki who paid glowing tribute to his predecessor, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole for his dedicated, inspired and indefatigable leadership, which according to the governor has transformed the state as well as laid the foundation which he will build future economic and political Eldorado, thanked the EDHA for the unflinching and partnership his administration has been enjoying since inception as governor of the state.
While lamenting that the nation is confronted with severe economic recession with stunted economic growth, Obaseki posited that the 2017 Edo State budget is aimed to define the pathway to the state envisaged dreams.


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