Economy; Fashion out “strategic plans” to curb drainpipes – Agoro to Buhari


Economy; Fashion out “strategic plans” to curb drainpipes – Agoro to Buhari
By; Bayo Akamo, Ibadan.
National Chairman of the National Action Council (NAC), Dr. Olapade Agoro has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to fashion out “strategic laid out plans” to curb drainpipes to be able to grow Nigeria’s economy.
Dr Agoro in a statement made available to journalists in Ibadan on the Media Chat by President Buhari, said the “prime factor of the strategic laid out plans must be declaration soonest possible by the Federal Government of the nation on entry point of  “Twelve Calendar Months Measure Austerity Period” starting from January 2016,”.
The NAC boss pointed out that Federal Government should make it mandatory under the proposed ‘Strategic Laid Out Plans’, for all public functionaries to patronize local hospitals for all cadres of treatment rather than embarking on medical tourism abroad to enable government make use of the wastages.
“In the altruistic, beneficent and nationalistic common sense considered opinion giving purposefully aimed to assist President Muhammadu Buhari meet his governmental Change Mantra objectives, there must be “Strategic Laid Out Plans” hurtfully targeted at drain pipes blockage and curing of cancerous human elementals in the national crossword puzzle,” he said.
Dr  Agoro maintained that  “Strategic Laid Out Plans targeted Point One’ of the austerity measure period should be: (i) Curbing and logically restricting any of the serving ministers, cabinet members of the federal government, serving commissioners of the 36 States of the federation, entire Permanent Secretaries in the services of Federal and State governments, entire members of the National Assembly and their supportive ancillaries from going on foreign exchange draining holidays, medical trips and excursions”
He added “importation of all none essential commodities must be banned and in particular of issuance of foreign exchange allocations for same must be curbed.
(iii) Management of Foreign Bills income and outflow and in particular by “Third Stage Foreign Exchange Dealers” must be vigorously monitored by the Central Bank of Nigeria to curb capital flight and block foreign exchange drainage.
“This will largely curb the menacing attitude of “Purchase the Dollar” at all cost and at any ‘Exchange Rate’ available and obtainable by those with Excess Liquidity and “Liquid Cash with Doubtful Source” irrespective of how obtained. Among this class, one can confidently explain will be found National Assembly Members who soonest and immediately they collect their quarterly allocations go to the market to purchase the dollar for either under the bed storage and or capital flight to purchase property particularly in overseas countries”.
Dr Agoro stressed further that “Strategic Laid Out Plans” Targeted Point Two’ should be the financial and logical empowerment of the Federal Minister of Health to put in place extraordinary recouping of six hospitals on geo-regional sphered basis to be able to meet life threatening challenges and emergencies that would have required them travelling abroad to get.
This will (i) assist our health care delivery systems develop vertically and horizontally (ii) Grow the knowledge base of our medical doctors and health management personnel to standards obtainable in hospitals of foreign countries.
“Strategic Laid Out Plans” ‘Targeted point Three’: Retraining (for a period of nine months only) and Mentoring to become “Cottage Hospital Medical Doctors” those already retired Chief, Principal, Senior Nurses, medical personnel et al who had meritoriously served more than Thirty Years in well established government hospitals and or government approved hospitals.
“These are to serve as Referrals to (Specialist Hospitals) in Cottage Hospitals to be established in the 337 local governments of the Federation to meet the medical needs and necessities of the rural populace,” adding,
“strategic laid out plans targeted plan four’ should be engaging on “Get Paid On Effective Performance Basis” and holding responsible for NON PERFORMANCE” basis, Chiefs, Village heads, Local political leaders of particular areas of insurgent prevalence.
According to the NAC boss, “this will go a long way exposing those pretenders to power and political positions who are the evils behind the insurgents,” and that the “strategic laid out plans targeted Point Five’ should be mandating Town Planning Authorities having the responsibilities for building plan approvals particularly in and within Abuja Federal Capital, Lagos Nigeria Business’ Economic Capital territories to first and foremost make it a prime demand for presentation of Tax Clearance Certificates by those seeking building plans approvals to among other things curbing and exposing corrupt elements finding hiding places for their illicit gains.
Dr Agoro emphasized that “if some of these identifiable in this  Targeted Action Points’ are carefully worked out and ensured implemented to the latter and details, Nigeria would not only be seen moving strongly ahead into an era of economic growth and stability, its lost gains and past glory would be assuredly coming back to it plenteous.


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