DSM To NLC/TUC: Don’t Betray Workers, Masses  On Planned Strike


*Says NLC, TUC to be blamed for Nigeria masses plight  

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

The Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) on Saturday tasked the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to reach to reach out to the leadership of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) for the joint prosecution of the planned August 2 strike over removal of subsidy on fuel.

DSM in a statement by its organizing secretary, Peluola Adewale  lamented that, ” workers and their families have suffered atrociously over the past two months as the President Tinubu administration continued to unleash ever more frightening “anti-poor policies” on them.

The movement stressed, “but as they say, better late than never. We hereby welcome this new decision to begin a fight back but warn labour leadership against stabbing workers and the masses in the back again.

“In particular, we warn against suspending the planned action before it even takes off or before it wins any concrete victory. Labour should not give in to government blackmail or threats to use court injunction to stop it! Labour should be guided by the idea that it is far better to break unjust bourgeois laws than allow the oppressors to break the poor”, it said.

DSM added, ” This is why we call for immediate steps right now to begin to mobilize across the country by conveying meetings between each State Councils of the NLC and civil society, students, youth, Socialists and pro-masses’ organisations to jointly plan how to organize the actions. Leaflets and posters should be circulated everywhere and public rallies and meetings called to explain the struggle to all layers of the workers and oppressed masses at workplaces, the grassroots and communities.

” We also encourage activists to begin to set up democratically-constituted action committees at workplaces, communities and campuses to drive mobilization and planned for the actions starting August 2nd”. 

DSM stressed further, ” To be brutally honest, the leadership of the NLC and that of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) are to be blamed for allowing the mass of workers and poor masses to be subjected to the intensification of brutal neoliberal attacks and the attendant mass suffering and poverty which have been the lot of the masses over the past two months now”.

It however, suggested that the cardinal demands for the coming fightback starting from August 2nd, 2023 to include 

* Reversal of pump price of fuel to N195 per litre. 

* Arrest and speedy trial of all subsidy thieves and seizure of their ill-gotten wealth 

* N200, 000 national minimum wage to be regularly increased in accordance to the rate of inflation 

* Reduction in the salaries of political office holders and their placement on the minimum wage. 

* Cancelation of security vote and reduction of the Presidential fleet

(6) Immediate crash programme to repair old refineries and build new ones 

* Petrol from Dangote refinery, when it starts operating, to conform to a price cap of N195 per litre otherwise it should be nationalized under workers control and management. 

DSM listed others as, 

*Reversal of all hiked school fees. No to student loan. For adequate funding of public education 

* Immediate meeting of the demands of academic staff, non-academic staff, doctors and all medical personnel. 

* Release of all political prisoners including #ENDSARS protesters and end to attacks on democratic rights. 

* Nationalization of the oil and gas sector, banks, big industries and mines under workers control and management 

* A workers and poor people’s government armed with Socialist programme.”


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