Don’t play ‘god’ like VIO – El-rufai warns KASTELEA Marshals


By; Abdull-Azeez Ahmed Kadir, Kaduna.
Kaduna State Governor, Nasir Ahmad El-rufai has warned the newly inaugurated Marshalls of the State Traffic and Environmental Law Enforcement Agency (KASTELEA) not to play “god” as they are not even masters, but public servants recruited and trained to ensure public traffic and environmental safety.
The Governor gave the warning at the induction of the Marshals and unveiling of various working equipments held at Murtala Square Kaduna Tuesday.
El-rufai said the government expects them to live up to the standards of their training, and to be efficient, dedicated and fair in their conduct.
“Do not permit yourself to even be tempted by, much less succumb, to the disease of the uniform, a condition in which wearing an authorized piece of fabric gives the wearer an illusion of omnipotence. You are not God. You are not even masters. You are public servants, and you must discharge the role with dignity and unwavering politeness” he stressed.
“When we took the decision to reorganize KASTELEA, our objective was to secure a properly-grounded agency with personnel who owed their employment to clear procedures, and with the requisite training to deliver the expected services.
“KASTELEA has a major role in upholding public order in Kaduna State. Its marshals will be on our major roads, enforcing compliance with traffic rules and conducting checks to ensure that all vehicles plying our roads are properly licensed and are road-worthy. KASTELEA officers have been trained to be firm, and to conduct their duties with courtesy and politeness. The tactics of the ruffian are not necessary for law enforcement. As we demonstrated when we disbanded the old VIO and withdrew their operatives from the roads, this government is of the firm belief that no public agency or its officials can be allowed to interpret their role as an exercise in oppression. Government work should not provide a cover for uncouth conduct. Rather, KASTELEA will seek and sustain the informed consent of citizens with enlightenment campaigns, transparent rules and their impartial enforcement” he assured.
The governor said to succeed in its new role, KASTELEA will require the support of the public and called on the residents of Kaduna State to have a common interest in seeing that the roads are safe, the vehicles which ply these roads are licensed, road-worthy and are driven by persons properly certified to do so.
He stressed that the traffic bottlenecks caused by illegal parking, and the safety risks caused by people who jump traffic lights will not be condoned. “We can all agree that it is not a constitutional right for anyone to constitute a nuisance on public roads, or to imperil the safe use of the road by other citizens. When a person is deemed to be in violation of traffic rules, KASTELEA officials will issue documents specifying the fine, but they cannot collect it. All fines are payable only by electronic means or through cash payments to accounts specified by the Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service, KADIRS, the only agency permitted to collect revenues due to the state government” he added.
El-rufai said that KASTELEA is set up to promote public safety which is the priority. Fines and other penalties he explained are merely sanctions designed to encourage lawful behaviour.
Speaking earlier, the General Manager of KASTELEA, Colonel A. Z. Ahmed said the Marshals are expected to guide the motoring public respect the rules and regulations of traffic and environmental safety for the growth and development of Kaduna State.
2, 503 Marshals between the ages of 18 and 35 were inducted at the ceremony.


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