Devlopment And Growth: Nigeria Need Good Leadership – Sen Buhari


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan.
Chairman Senate Committee on ICT and Cybercrime, Senator Abdulfatai Buhari on Wednesday said Nigeria needs not just leaders “but participative and free-rein leaders” to move forward and for the citizens to enjoy good life.
Senator Buhari stated this in Ibadan while delivering this year’s Oyo NUJ Press week lecture titled “Nigeria and quest for credible Leadership” held at the Press Centre, Iyaganku.
The Senator pointed out that the quest for good leadership in Nigeria cannot be discredited, saying,“good leadership is needed to achieve the universal goal of development, that is, the pursuit of peoples’ material welfare and well-being”.
According to Senator Buhari, “a good government is the government that gives the greatest happiness to the greatest number of people” adding “a society like ours, that is unjust and devoid of equity and equality will inherently be unstable”.
“Be as it may, for Nigeria to move forward and for the citizens to enjoy good life. Nigeria needs not just leaders but participative and free-rein leaders. The trend all over the world is forward wider use of participative practices because they are consistent with supportive model of societal behavior. While on the other hand, free- rein leaders avoid power”he said.
Chairman Senate Committee on ICT and Cybercrime declared that “to therefore create a just society, devoid of inequality,there is need for good leadership in Nigeria”.
“Better leaders develop better citizens and the two together develop better society, therefore good leaders contribute more to society and gain a chance to develop the society economically, politically and socially. In other words, the quest for good leadership is not just verbally important but socially, politically, economically, practically and pragmatically important”.
Senator Buhari added that “history has shown that no nation of the world grew and enjoyed steady development in virtually all spheres of its national life without experiencing good and selfless political leadership” saying,“this is largely because qualitative growth and development has always been an outcome of good governance”.
Speaking further, Senator Buhari maintained that
“credible leadership is a necessary condition for not only sustaining democracy but for producing the dividends of democracy for the masses to see and feel”.
Emphasizing that these are essential and necessary conditions for a progressive nation, he said “good leadership transforms a potential into reality. It is the ultimate act that brings to success all potential that is in a state and its people”.
Hence, good leadership is so important to state accomplishment that people have been so concerned about it since the beginning of recorded history.


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