Desist From Throwing Mud On Works Minister,  Liba Tells Chikwendu, Cohorts



Critics have been advised not  to distract the Minister of Works, Engr. David Nweze Umahi from  delivering on the goals of the ministry to Nigerians, even  as he is an engineer that cannot be dictated upon, on how to run his ministry.

Hon. Suleiman Liba, in a statement, called on one Mr. Vitalis Chikwendu and his cohorts in the guise of contractors of the Federal Ministry of Works, to desist from their antics of trying to tarnish the image of the Hon. Minister of Works, H. E. Engr. David Nweze Umahi and thereby, distracting him from delivering on the goals of the ministry to Nigerians.

Liba said that he wonders how people could,  “become so shameless that they now hawk corruption on a tray in market places with impunity, how can you come out to make such derogatory statement against a man whose  actions in the past couple of weeks after assuming office as the Honorable Minister of Works shown a clear path to how things can work.”

Hon. Liba further said that somehow, he understands why Mr Vitalis Chikwendu and his group of friends were behaving in such ways, “it has become very clear to all of them that it is no longer business as usual, the era of brown envelope contractors who stall Federal Government projects is over, it’s new dawn for the ministry and there’s a new Sherrif in town and things henceforth must be done properly.

“It’s a shame that these so called contractors through their conspirator in chief are calling on Mr President to redeploy the Hon. Minister and bring in, according to them, people who are well proven, in a field where Engr. David Umahi has no point to prove to anyone again?

“A Civil Engineer of repute who as Governor of Ebonyi State, turned the entire state into Mecca and a haven of tourism.

“The statements by Mr Vitalis is not only malicious but also shows how blinded and uninformed a people can still be in a generation where we have information at our finger tips.

“You cannot dictate to the Minister how you want him to run the ministry, how would you ask a man who really wants to work by firstly trying to get inner understanding of the problems to  just sit in his office and treat files, a man who in his inaugural speech stated it clear that he is more of a field person.

The big question i have for Mr Vitalis Chikwendu and his co travelers are:Are they staff of the ministry?How did they know that the Minister is not relating with staff at the ministry?Why are they jittery if they have no skeleton in their cupboards?

“Asking Mr President to redeploy the Minister of Works is the most vague statement i have heard in recent times, the appointment of Engr Dave Umahi as minister of works couldn’t have come at a better time than now, a time where our infrastructure is at an all time high in terms of decay, urgent solution is required at this point and Engr. David Umahi is the answer, go to Ebonyi State and see for yourself the magic he performed there.

“Mr President knows better by appointing him as Minister of works. You all should brace up, it is time to truly work for Nigeria and deliver on Mr President’s campaign promises to the people, Engr Umahi is here,” Liba stated.


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