Democracy: Nigeria needs social revolution – Okunronmu


By; Bayo Akamo, Ibadan.
A Chieftain of the Pan Yoruba socio cultural group, Afenifere, Senator Femi Okunrounmu Sunday said Nigeria presently needs a social revolution for the survival of its growing democracy.
Senator Okunrounmu stated this while featuring on a Galaxy television interview programme “Rumbles” monitored in Ibadan by the New Nigerian.
According to the Afenifere and the Yoruba Unity Forum (YUF) leader, Nigeria currently has no real political party, but that “Nigerians are just ringing their hands in support, because there is nothing they can do.
“Well, I am sorry, until we get somebody who is ready for Social revolution. Until we get a young man like you and who can mobilise fellow young men like him to say enough is enough. These people have ruined our country, we cannot allow them ruining our country. We must take our country from them,” he said.
Senator Okunronmu pointed out that such person must be able to “mobilise and form a real party, a political party with a clear goal, a clear vision, and mobilises people around that vision. When you are able to do that as young people, the people will follow you, Nigerians will follow you. Right now, we have no political party.
“Nigerians are just raising their hands in surrender because there is nothing they can do, if they protest they will shoot them down, they will gun them down. We are colonized by our politicians who are just riding rough shod over us”.
He added “afterall, when the Awolowos are in power, they were young men, even the Balewa, they were all young men. Even the military boys when they came they were all young men”.
“Today, young men don’t want to make an effort, they just want to surrender and expect that somebody else will do it for them.
This is an opportunity for Nigerian young men and women to now mobilise and take the future of the country into their own hand because the country’s political system has been bastardized, the country is being ruined every day, the young men should say, our future is at stake, we should take back the country”.


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