Dancesport  Federation Holds   Zonal Championship




Nigeria Dancesport  Federation   held its zonal championship for teams and individuals over the weekend, in preparation for its national championship next year.

According  to Secretary General, Osebeyo Emmanuel, winners across geopolitical zones emerged with amazing prizes and the federation intends to make it happen twice annually  apart from  other various state’s competitions.

“We started since  2021, we have had several exhibitions before now

“The South West championship took place in Lagos at Rowe Park, South South was at Sapele Stadium, South East used Nnamdi Azikwe  Stadium Enugu, North East ATBU Bauchi and  North West Murtala Mohammed Square kaduna

“Since it is a new federation, we will be having  lots of competitions next year, aside  the national championship to make the sport more popular and engage more youth,” he said.

The president of the federation,  Barr Abubakar Umar  added that  dancesport is meant to engage the youth and take them away from the streets, help them psychologically and health wise.

“We had an event early this year in Abuja and we hope to continue looking for talents to take the sport to the next level towards  attending series of international events at the world level, like the world dancesport championships.

“Dance is a culture, with the abundant talent with dancing skills in Nigeria ,we need to harness them and make Nigeria best in the African dancesport,” he said


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