Customer Drags First Bank To Court Over Transaction


A customer of First Bank Nigeria Plc in Kaduna has threatened to drag the financial institution over irregularities experienced during a transaction done two weeks ago has disclosed that his lawyer is putting finishing touches to press for claims.
According to the victim who preferred to be anonymous for now, he transferred money to a customer of Guarantee Trust Bank, GTB using his First Bank ATM card at a First Bank Cash Point in Sabon Tasha, Kaduna on December 1, 2016.
“I transferred money to my brother who had urgent needs operating a GTB account from a First Bank ATM machine, using my First Bank ATM card. After doing the transaction the first time, it did not tell me that the transaction was completed, so I did it again and the same thing happened, but on both occasions, I was debited,” he said.
The customer further explained that one of the transactions debited was refunded to his account later, but the other was not refunded and his brother’s account at GTB was not credited.
“After several hours, I called my brother but he said he was yet to see an alert. The following morning, I called him again and he still maintained he was yet to see an alert, so I went to the same branch where the transaction was done on their machine and they gave me a form to fill which I did and submitted, with assurances that the issue would be resolved.
“I waited for about six days before a text was sent to me on December 6, 2016, informing that the issue has been resolved and if I was not satisfied within 48 hours, I should call their customer service. After 48 hours, when there was no solution, I called their customer service who wasted my time and consumed all my airtime without any results,” he said.
“The text sent to me on December 6 reads: ‘Your Complaint with Ref CAS-1019720-W5B2T4 is solved. Please call 01-4485500 within 48 hrs if unsatisfied. You First.’ But it was never solved,” he added.
The aggrieved customer said afterwards, he went back to the branch where he filled the complaint form and was told to still call the customer service because the case had been transferred to their head office.
“Finally when I was able to speak to someone at the customer service, she told me that they had resolved the issue on December 8 and advised the receiving bank to credit the account the money was meant for. I immediately called my brother again who said he was still yet to receive the money,” he explained.


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