Continued Hunger: Soon, Nigerians  Will Start Blocking  Convoy Of Political  Leaders, Ready  To  Die,  Pastor  Warns




As  Nigerians continued to face severe  hunger occasioned by high cost of living,  a  cleric and General Overseer, Christian Victory Prayer Ministry (CVPM), Enugu, Pastor Dan Obinegbo, has warned that if not urgently addressed, citizens will soon start lining up the roads, block convoy of political leaders,  and be ready to be killed by security men attached to them.

Obinegbo, a journalist turned pastor, who gave the warning on  Sunday, during the 29th Anniversary celebration of the church, posited that the current economic hardship in the country which is getting worse almost on daily basis, would soon spell doom on the entire nation if not sincerely and adequately tackled, as Nigerians are fast running out of patience.

 He said  the present ugly situation if continues, may make people to volunteer to be killed by security operatives accompanying political leaders who may want to protect their principals from being harmed by hungry and angry Nigerians 

that would block their convoys.

” Mine is caution  I have seen a vision of terror, there is no where to hide up to, it will son get to a point that people will line up the roads and say let the convoy kill them, let the soldiers shoot us and kill us than to stay and die of hunger”. He warned.

Pastor Obinegbo, it would be recalled, had worked in several newspaper organizations, booth in Enugu and Lagos, including the defunct Outlook newspapers, and rose to the position of Editor, before being called to the lord’s veinyard. 

He further cautioned  that the nation Nigeria is fast drawing near to a state of anarchy and what could be described as “Climax of Hollywood” advising those in corridors of power at all levels, to rise up and do the needful so as to avert the loming danger ahead.

Delivering a sermon during the church service, the Clergy man, went down memory lane on how he was called by God and the numerous persecutions he experienced as a servant of the most High during his early days in the Ministry, including how he was framed up by some agents of the devil who took him to court, and made such he was incarcerated.

He however, expressed appreciation to God for finding him worthy to be used as an instrument to win souls for Jesus Christ, adding that he lacks words to say how he feels.

On his message to Christendom, Pastor Obinegbo, urged Christians to always be steadfast and put their trust in God no matter the challenges of life,  saying “there are many souls to be saved  and rescued, hence the need for light to shine among men.

He avvered that there was no need to preach church or denominations at the moment, stressing that what is more important in the present day world is for the Christiandom to preach repentance to people .

Obinegbo, noted that when righteousness builds a nation, it will stand solidly, but when a nation is built on falsehood, “it must collapse.

The Cleric said it has been a thing of joy for him, since 29 years of his journey in the vineyard of God, despite the persecution by men

for things he knew nothing about.

“Am really greatful to God, and will continue to give thanks to him alone for all he has used me to accomplish in this 29 years of service in his veinyard ,including healing of people with different ailments among tem, madness.

” I’m giving him thanks for all that he passed me through, if you go to the internet, you will see my imprisonment, but there is no record of my achievements because I don’t need to advertise what God is using me to do”. he stated.

He said he would not want people to praise him or advertise him, but would rather want the works that God has used him to do  to be a legacy that will tell the story.

” The blind has seen, the lame has worked, mad people were set free, poor people were made rich. These are things that  happened for life , not magic not black magic ,  not white magic but through prayers”.


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