Cleric Tasks Nigerian Leaders on Citizen Wellbeing


By; SANI ALIYU, Zaria.
Rev. Isaac Gbadero of First Baptist Church, Sabon Gari, Zaria Kaduna State has appealed to Nigerian leaders to re-strategise toward bringing libration, peace and joy to the citizens.
Gbadero stated this in his New year message to Nigerians on Saturday in Zaria.
“Remember, our leaders have a stake to make Nigeria a better place, hence the need for this call, so that we can collectively aid in taking Nigeria to the next level.
“I want to challenge our leaders from the President to everybody in the Local Government Area, and to every citizen, we have a stake to make this country a better place.
“We must remove selfishness, because, if it were selfishness, Jesus Christ will not come to the world. The Christ has come to liberate and we must do everything within the little corner that we have to liberate people.
“Husbands, this is the time you should rethink, are you liberating your family? Some husbands don’t provide for the home except during Christmas or when it is time for celebration, you are not a good husband, you are not a good leader, you are not a good Christian.
“The same thing applies in every little area God has given us leadership, we are supposed to bring about libration, peace, joy and love to everybody around there, not withstanding what others are doing, just do it and leave the rest judgement unto God,” he said.
Gbadero advised the governed to pray for their leaders, saying, “the same way the Shepherds received the message from the Angels in Luke chapter 2, We must likewise receive whatever the leaders are given to us, knowing very well that nobody can be in position of authority if God has not ordain it.
“If we read the Book of Revelation very well, even the government that had not come, we have them there. For those who read the Bible will know what type of government we should expect next not only in Africa but in the whole world.
According to him, the Bible orders that people should pray for their leaders.
“The governed should understand that no matter what complain you make, they are already there and what you need to do is to pray. Yes, you need to advocate for rights leadership, justice and peace to reign, yet, you need to pray for your leaders.
“We should also stop pressurising politicians; I mean leaders for money they will not steal, the governed should pray for their leaders.” Gbadero pleaded.
He challenged Nigerians to stop mounting pressure on elected office holders in quest for money so that collectively “we propel success for President Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade.”
“If you don’t pressurise political leaders for money, they will not steal, even when they steal, then you have the right to question them.
“But when they steal and bring to you, in law they say ‘aiding and abetting’, the one who eats and abets the crime is virtually a criminal.
“So, if we don’t aid them by asking them to do what they are not supposed to do, we can question them and query them on what they are doing that we know is not right,” he said.
According to him, corruption is not Biblical, is not Christian, it is unethical, and it is not customary, adding that Africans knew this even before the white men came.
“Our parents told us that they used to keep their crops and other things in the market and leave them, they only put stone there to tell the price.
“People come to buy, they pick and keep the money there, so, corruption is not even African but it emanated from the white men,” he noted.


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