Clergyman Blames Country’s Woes On Bad Leadership


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna

A lecturer with Baptist Theological Seminary, Kaduna, Rev. Dr. Joe Onuche has said that the country’s bane of development is that national offices are seen as means of patronage and compensation, and not for developmental services.

He said, as a result, the people’s will are recklessly subverted, while democratic norms and dictates for the free and equal world are squashed.

Speaking in Kaduna on ‘The role of the Nigerian Church pastors in national transformation, as the country celebrates its 58 independence anniversary, he noted that leadership and governance was the bane of the society.

“We have been unfortunate to have at the helm of our national institutions clueless, thoughtless and insensitive individuals who consider leadership and office as a means of self glorification, enrichment and positioning.

“They lack ideological leanings; they are not progressives and hence do not understand the full import of the word national service,” he lamented.

Rev. Dr. Onuche said the country is so but wandered that majority of Nigerians are poor, living on a meal per day, pointing out that despite an increasing budget, undeniable citizen rights like free education, health care, social services and trust funds are waved away for lack of funds.

He noted that the country continue to face some challenges, according to him, the present democratic leadership is devalued; people of questionable characters and preference are being selected to governance.

He wondered, “They are elevated and forced on the people through nasty means of intimidation, forgery and electoral rigging. Consequently they offered governance at national, state and local government levels that are devoid of accountability, transparency and due process.

“With such characters in leadership, there came the introduction of fetish and satanic practices into governance where oracles, shrines and deities are consulted for the sake of ensuring position or office.

“They have the power to educate, inspire, and provide the youth with the resources to advocate for the causes they believe in, but like bad parents, they have failed in their responsibilities to lead by examples.”

Due to the moral decadence in the society, he explained that election tension and economic corruption in the country are becoming a socio – economic and political epidemic influenza, stressing that politico – economy is rapidly being affected.

The clergyman suggested that there was a demand for ethical and ritual purity as against ethical and moral impurity, adding that it embraces the totality of religious experience.

Dr. Onuche called on the Church leadership to be a worthy example of righteousness and be God fearing people for the society to learn from them.


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