Clashes: Fulani Herdsmen Express Fear Of Extinction


*say crisis unhealthy for development of Nigeria


The  “continuous  ‎killing, burning and invasion of Fulani settlements“ in various parts of the country has been described as unacceptable and counter productive for the economic development of the country.
The National Secretary of Gan Allah Fulani development Association in Nigeria, Alhaji Sale Bayari stated the during an interview in Jos where he lamented over the ongoing tension between Fulanis and farmers.
He said that the crisis involving Fulanis in the country is driven solely due the growing hatred for the Fulanis engineered for religious purposes and aimed at in inciting farmers against Fulani men.
“I read from the publication of one Professor from Benue State who said that time will come when the Southern Christians will assist those Christians in the North Central in getting rid of the Fulanis because there is a common agenda to be pursued by both, “ he said.
According to him: “The way and manner that Fulanis are treated by local Christian farmers in the northern parts of the country is the same way they are treated in the south due to religious agenda. “
Bayari noted that the unfortunate development is the apparent inability of the government at all levels to critically look at the issue involving farmers and Fulani cattle rearers.
 He called on the federal government to take a drastic action to end the crisis between farmers and Fulanis for the interest of development and prosperity in the land.
According him, Fulanis like any other citizens in the country should be given the right to free movement provided by the constitution.
He pointed out that misunderstanding over the destruction of farms by cattle is always settled amicably but said such is never possible now due toethno-religious agenda targeted at Fulanis.


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