Christ Embassy Condemns Killing Of Military Couple


*says God will demand justice one day


The Northwest Zone 1, Zonal Director of Believers LoveWorld International (BLW), also known as Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Marcel Obode has condemned in strong terms the killing of the military couple who were slaughtered by unknown armed men few days ago in Imo State.
The couple were said to be traveling home to conclude their traditional wedding, when they met the criminals who murdered them in cold blood after raping the lady and made a video of them which was circulated online.
Pastor Obode, said no one taking innocent life should go unpunished, saying even the bible talks of the blood of Abel that called for vengeance.
In a Facebook post made on the incident in his page, Pastor Obode, said “I saw first a gory picture of the killing of an intending couple by group called the unknown gunmen. Then today i saw the video of how the same intending couple both of them army officers were slaughtered like chickens”. 
He asked; “why are people so quiet about this evil? What was the offence of these young couple? They were not in uniform, they were not carrying guns. They were not in battle.  Is this how they want to create a Biafran nation? Are these guys not a thousand times worse than their so-called oppressors? Who builds a nation on the blood of innocent people? Do you move from the frying pan to the oven? Nay, not oven rather from frying pan to a furnace? Lets assume they succeed in their plans, who will pilot the new nation? These salvages and cannibals?”
The cleric added that David ensured that his own captain Joab paid with his life for killing Abner thereby shedding the blood in a time of peace. 
According to him, “God told David that he cannot build him a house  because his hands was filled with blood. The list goes on and on”. 
Obode, emphasized the need for the whole city or group of people encouraging this evil act to remember that one day, the Almighty God will demand justice for the blood of the innocent that was shed. And any land soaked with the blood of the innocent must pay.
While decrying the persistent attacks on security personnel and facilities, Pastor Obode said; “When these guys are done killing all the innocent people and all the policemen and army officers who will be left? How can you kill your fellow ibo man because he is working for Nigerian Army or Nigerian Police? When they have completely destroyed all Ibo businesses and institutions through their senseless sit at home order what would be left of the ibo society? Who destroys his own house because he is angry with his neighbor?”.
He, however, called on all Easterners to rise and condemn this acts to avoid future occurrence of such incidents.


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