Certainly not the Christmas we wished for, but…


Certainly not the Christmas we wished for, but…
By; Samson Yaki
Christmas celebrations have come and gone. Whatever one put in place for the celebration has become history. But some events that preceded the event would remain fresh in the minds of many for a long time.
Christmas as an event, is always a bride for children and women who wish to look elegant especially in their new outfits to showcase the wealth of their parents and husbands.
An annual event to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas is celebrated by Christians all over the world except in few countries.
Christmas which is celebrated on 25 December may not be the exact date that Christ was born but records have shown that Jesus was actually born on that date. Some tracks stated this, “But Our Lord, too, is born in the month of December … the eight before the calends of January [25 December] …. But they call it the ‘Birthday of the Unconquered’. Who indeed is so unconquered as Our Lord…? Or, if they say that it is the birthday of the Sun, He is the Sun of Justice.”
Christmas period always witness boom in commercial activities as people rush to buy all they need to celebrate the festivity. This often leads to high prices of goods and services because of the excess demand. Transport fare is the worst zone as commuters pay higher than necessarily to get to their respective home towns for the celebration.
Christmas season presents a time of reunion as most people always use the period to travel to their localities. Similarly, most marriages and other occasions are fixed at Christmas as it is convenient for most people to attend without much stress since the period is a holiday one in most countries.
The celebration is always characterized by exchange of pleasantries and gifts in mutuality, dances and all kinds of merriment. These were rare among many things we expected at the Christmas we just celebrated; what we experienced was in the reverse. The looming fuel crisis shortly before and during this big event shattered the hopes of many. A litre of petrol was sold between 130 to 170 naira. Many people could not travel home in their personal vehicles because of lack of fuel, while fares of commercial vehicles tripled. Imagine from the city to my village was 2, 000 naira as against 300 naira obtained before the period.
What mattered the most is the go-slow in the change mantra. The promise of salary payment before Christmas did not yield positive results forcing many to celebrate the Christmas with empty pockets. Even those that are not on any payroll equally expressed the same plight for certain excuses.
Other household chores were left undone. This was an experience we never had hitherto. Indeed this is real change. But is it a change for the better or worse?
Many Nigerians have spoken in sour displeasure on the kind of government we have that does not hear the cry of the people. Many have wished they did not vote for this government and its change slogan in the first place. Their stand is that even though it is bent on fighting corrupt people, should the incorruptible be made to feel the same scorch. That is, as money keeps flowing in from different over-flooded corrupt tributaries, a small passage should be created for it to pass through to service the dry ones.
But all hope is not lost. The proposed jaw breaking 2016 budget of 6. 08 trillion shows that there is hope in the year and if fully implemented, the rigmaroling economic uncertainties will pave way for a better economic stability. What seems to be darkness now will turn to be exceeding light.
The unconventional stories making the round that the president is sick and will take six months leave for medication, will not deter Baba’s sworn determination to restructure the country’s battered image.
It is important to note that Change is not as simple and easy as it is pronounced. Any society that will undergo this six letter word must face and overcome severe encounters. Most developed countries of the world today had to pay the sacrificial price before getting to where they are today. Sometimes food had to be rationed in order to survive the process. It is pitiful for Nigeria and Nigerians that always cry for change but very much not ready to pay the price. No wonder Jews crucified Jesus Christ even though they were crying for his coming. Same Nigerians that cried for salvation from past administration of Goodluck Jonathan are the same crying against the change process today.
We know that things did not go well especially this past Christmas, even though it wasn’t the Christmas we wished, but all hope is not lost. Let’s hope on this administration. Hope is the substance of faith and faith can be facilitated through joy not murmuring and complains. Truly the President heard your cry and murmuring that’s why he called for patience from Nigerians during his budget presentation. Let us therefore lend him our patience and see what he really has to offer. Saying that the man has nothing to offer Nigerians is a blatant lie and the worst ignorance you will ascribe to yourself. Just like someone once wrote concerning the PMB that if a tree does not yield fruits it should be cut off, but someone quickly asked how much time you need to ascertain the unfruitfulness of that tree? Is it
six months? What tree can be planted, watered, proned and bear fruits in six months? So much to ponder on.
Fellow Nigerians, we have wasted enough years and resources to maladministration by past governments and we can’t keep still, watching our hopes sliding down the drains. Let’s begin to embrace the reality of building our nation.
I am not calling off the activities of opposition but opposition should be with conscience. Opposition that corrects for progress not just for the sake of opposition. Opposition of bitterness is not democratic though it can be used to achieve personal gains but our country is greater than one person.
Nigeria is ours and change is necessary, let’s come together and build our great nation.
Happy New Year!


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