Cattle Rearers: Ondo Farmers threatens boycot of farmland


By; Odeyemi Samuel, Akure.
Famine looms in Ondo state as farmers are protesting the destruction of their farms by Cattle Rearers and threatened to boycott farming.
Just as killings of farmers and destruction of crops persist in Ondo State, fears had gripped farmers as they vowed to stop farming in the coming planting season to save their lives and property.
A stake holders meeting convened by the Commissioner of Police in Ondo State, CP Hilda Ibilafo-Harrison appealed to participants at the meeting to help find a lasting solution.
According to her, Cattle Rearers had been in business from ages and she sees no reason why their activities should now pose a great threat to the cooperate existence of the people.
The CP, reminded the people that continues hostilities between the Fulani and the farmers will not bring development to the state, adding that ”a parent that expects same behaviour from ten children will only be deciving himself”.
She stressed that ”we should first see Ondo state as our homes, time has come for government to take a decisive decision by checkmating the excessiveness of Cattle Rearers”.
She therefore called on community leaders to be more vigilant by knowing those that live around them and report those with questionable characters to the Police in their areas.
Commenting on the efforts of her Command, she assured that the Police will assist communities to organise themselves into groups so as to monitor activities around them.
Meanwhile, part of the resolutions reached at the meeting include, the banning of night gracing by cattle rearers, identification of cattles by owners with marks, stopping of the underaged from rearing catles and creation of ranch for grazing cattles by owners.


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