Buhari’s appointments unfair to Christians – CAN


The appointments that have been made so far by President Muhammadu Buhari has not being fair to Christians and has so far been in breach of the law that created the Federal Character.
Vice President, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), North, Barrister Danladi Yarima expressed this while speaking during an interview he granted in Kaduna.
According to him, CAN is so far not happy with the choice of the President’s appointment as it has not been fair to its members.
“CAN is not satisfied with the appointments of President Buhari so far, neither is the body believing that the Federal Government is fair to its members in terms of appointments.
“The question one would ask is that why is it that when it comes to appointments, the federal character principle even when it is adhered to, is always observed in the breach of the law that created it?” he asked.
Barrister Yerima said that another question begging for an answer is that so far, why is every appointment a Hausa/Fulani Muslim?
“Buhari should come out and tell us why every appointment now must be a Muslim or Hausa/Fulani Muslim. Is he telling us that in Kano, Katsina, Sokoto and other states he has appointed from that there is no Christian?” he further asked.
He said worst hit by the anti-Christian appointments is the North-Central geo-political zone, in spite of being 90 per cent Christian.
“Come to the Middle Belt which has been worst hit by the appointment issue for every government in power with the exception of Jonathan.
“For decades, the Middle Belters have always been at the receiving end and the reasons are obvious, 90 per cent of Middle Belters are Christians,” he said.


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